1. Kisuko

    New Dynamic icons and themes 20.6.11

    Since I updated to version 20.6.11, these two calendar and time icons fail. They are no longer dynamic and the theme that applies is the same, its icon is always the same but different, it is not like before. Any solution? It is true that it is bullshit but I like it aesthetically well...
  2. mihalyn90

    [ICON]MIUI 11/12 Global Icon Pack Flasher

    Hello, We know that Xiaomi.eu gives on their own icon pack, and we who come from the global MIUI are used to those simple and lovely icons. Well, I managed to unpack the old system.img file from the global rom and extracted the icons and packed them all here in a simple flashable zip file...
  3. L

    How to desactivate this notification?

    Hello. After the last update, the notification of privileges uses is almost always there. I have disabled the notification, but the blue icon stills there. How can I turn off both (notification and icon)? I have tried to turn off the icon for the security app in notifications ant it is still...
  4. H

    Delete/change... miui mod icon in EU rom with another theme

    I dont want to use this mod icon (fb,mess,steam,...). If i root my phone I can delete that file to restore a default icon. But my friend dont want to root, i think i will create a theme which have icons of EU rom theme but dont have mod icons, i created but when i apply this theme, the icon...
  5. S

    battery icon when charge

    The icon looks strange when is charging !!! Thanks for the ROM 9.5.9!!!
  6. I

    Icons Size

    Dears, I need your help to reduce the icons size of stock theme. They are too big for me. I read many threads but at the end there is not solution up to now. Partial solutions are: Modify the build.prop file in order to change the display density. Not ok in my opinion becouse together with...
  7. D

    [icons] Mia Ex - Miui Icon Addon Extended ... Huge!

    I made an add-on for the MIUI theming engine on XXHDPI devices running MIUI 8. If you like the standard theme of MIUI 8 (as I prefer it), you can extend and skin your app icons with this pack including thousands of app and activity icons. Read the info at the download page please. Use at...