1. F

    Unbrick and Unlock Service

    Hi to everyone. İf you need an authorized account for flashing xiaomi phones and restoring brick devices, write to this person on Whatsapp +79677771598 He also does unlock phones by IMEI ! using an authorized mi EDL account, you can restore phones with constant reboot problems, "This version...
  2. D

    change Imei xiaomi mi 8 lite

    it is possible to change the imei of xiaomi mi 8 lite?
  3. N

    Is the Xiaomi Support able to determine Mi ID via IMEI ?

    I lost all access to the mi account that is bound to my device and i softbricked it. In order to unlock it I need to get that ID (Which I don't remember). I tried "forgot password" but none of my emails and phone numbers are connected to an Mi ID But I for sure logged into one on the phone. I...
  4. GKNYM

    MEID 'unknown" on my RN5

    hy i want to share my problem with you so as you can see in title i don't have a MEID number on my phone ! IMEI all ok but for the MEID section i have "unknown" do you have same ? and how to restore this. Thank you
  5. S

    Efs Folder Lost

    Hi guys, I bought a Redmi 3 Pro that didn't turn on. I flashed a ROM and it worked, but the smartphone doesn't have the EFS folder and so doesn't recognize the SIM card and I can't either register my Xiaomi account to unlock the bootloader. I got to install TWRP and SuperSu without unlocking...
  6. Infinitomix

    Lost Imei

    I try to restore my IMEI with "Maui META" but i have a error: MODEM Exception Warning: PDU ptr is already NULL. Warning: PDU ptr is already NULL. [MD32_RequestEMIFlush] Enter MD32_RequestEMIFlush [MD32_RequestEMIFlush] Exit MD32_RequestEMIFlush [DSP-Coresonic] [RequestEMIFlush] Enter...
  7. A

    Mi5 With No Signal

    Hi all. I tried to find some help in a spanish forum I usually visit, but is no help, I think the case I have is quite rare and strange. I have never read before about. 2016's black friday I had a friend searching for a phone, and I achieved a quite cheap Mi5 for him. Is 3gb ram and 32gb...
  8. P

    How To Go To Diag Mode In Redmi 4 Prime To Restore Imei

    After flashing global rom wrong, my phone got bricked then i reflashed again the rom using mi flash tool and it was successful. Only to find out that the IMEI is lost and so i can't call and text and use mobile data. I found some tutorials in miui forum about restoring imei and i was stuck in...
  9. A

    Imei Sv Lost

    Hi guys, after flashing cm14.1 and restoring my previus twrp backup, the phone can t read any sim card, if i check imei i got it, but imei sv is unknown, i had also backuped the efs partition but nothing works...