1. Dyzson

    Best ROM for Mi4 LTE

    Hey, i need help with choose best ROM for my Xiaomi Mi4 LTE. As you know Mi4 is EOL, i wanna find Stable ROM on MIUI 9. I would like it was created by or The selected system will be permanently in the phone. I don't like ROM from I found only THIS ONE, but...
  2. E

    New MI Pad 4 LTE Mobile Data not working

    Hello, I just received a MI Pad 4 LTE from China. I have the problem that when I insert my sim card (UK provider) this seems to be active only when the device is connected to the WLAN (it iappears full signal and with the mark 4G), Once is not connected to the Wlan anymoe, there is no access to...
  3. B

    New Mi 4c Cannot Lte Dual Sim Dual Active & Dual Standby

    In China's MIUI ROM, it say that Mi 4c can support the LTE dual SIM dual active and dual standby. However, I can't use it. By the way, my telecommunication provider use band B2 C2 C5 D2 D4
  4. R

    Question About Xiaomi Mi Max 2 (global Version) And 4g/lte Bands

    Hello everyone, I recently got a Xiaomi Mi Max 2 (Global version), beautiful phone, I am super happy with it. Before I got it, I did some research and saw that Band 7 was supported in my country - the Netherlands. However, as it turns out, most carriers here use Band 20 and I was unaware of...
  5. H

    Missing Lte Band 20 Support

    Is the global LTE band support missing in the Miui stable rom version? I do not have 4G support for band 20 in the Netherlands. I have a confirmed global version 6gb/128gb version. The version is checked and confirmed on the Xiaomi website, based on the serial number of my phone...
  6. B

    Will This Work?

    Hi, i want to change the charging dock port of my Xiaomi MI4 since a micro-usb pin is broken. Will it work in Germany when i replace it with this? Its one of the few parts you find without LTE and the text on the connectivity module is very similar to the text on the original part (attached)...
  7. yweel

    Mi 5x 4g+ Ca & Volte Support?

    Hi all, Is the latest MIUI 9 EU developer support 4G+ for CA B3+B7? Now I'm on original MIUI 9 China developer, it wont work on CA B3+B7 and no VoLTE enable even my Carrier support. Thanks
  8. Pulseczar

    Exclude Certain Apps From Data Usage Statistics

    I have recently flashed the latest MIUI9 weekly on my Mi6 and I am loving it so far. However, there was a neat feature that I used on the original MIUI8 ROM ( which I can't find on the ROM. I remember I had an option to exclude the cellular data used by certain...
  9. J

    Rn3 Kenzo Wifi/mobile Problems On Lineageos (solved)

    Hi I'm having a little trouble with my RN3 kenzo at the moment. I tried unlocking my bootloader officially last year (October), but the unlock tool wouldn't reach 100%. So I unlocked it unofficially and flashed a custom ROM (NXrom). But accidentally locked it again last week after flashing...
  10. jpenzo

    Lte / 4g / 4g+ Big Issue On Mi Note 2 Global Version

    I bought the Mi NOTE 2 in the version GLOBAL meaning all 4G/4G+ LTE Worldwilde Frequencies It came with the CHINESE Version, i did the BOOTLOADER unlock process : OK I flash the ROM to get the Multilanguage : OK too This phone was for my cousin, so i gave him without testing the phone...
  11. M33kuh

    No Signal/reception

    Hi all. I've seen some posts about this problem also but still no fix/solution. I have (sometimes barely) no signal or reception even in 2g when I am inside a room or a computer shop. I understand that this is due to interference or something but my other fone does not have this. My friend's...
  12. P

    [tutorial] How To Enable Lte Bands On Sd625 Soc. (root) (markw)

    Hello guys, today i'm going to post a little tutorial on how to enable the default bands the SD625 supports. (That doesn't mean the bands will work as some of them also depend on the modem and on the antenna of the device). This might me useful for some of you folks living in Mexico, USA, or...
  13. P

    How To Enable Qualcomm Diagnostics Port To Add Lte B20

    Hello, I own a Xiaomi Redmi 4 Prime on the 6.12.1 Build. I was interested in enable the B20 band since it is disabled by default and can be done on the device, people on forums have already done it. The problem is that to do that I need to enable the Qualcomm Diagnostics...
  14. J

    Lte Band Unlocking For Europe?

    Has anyone successfully unlocked the LTE bands for Europe? I am in the Czech Republic and don't seem to be able to get any decent speed at all due to the lack of builtin default coverage. I asked Xiaomi if they planned this in any upgrade and the answer was not. Love this phone, everything...
  15. jesuslg123

    Mi4 Lte Ramdom Reboots [with Logs]

    Hi, I have Xiaomi Mi4 LTE with latest stable rom (7.3.2). Mi phone has an issue with the navigations buttons, sometimes just one of them is one (the right one). I am having ramdon reboots, always when the phone is on standby. After catch one of the reboots I have dump the logs and I...
  16. U

    Mi Note (virgo) Marshmallow Bugs?

    Hi, I finally decided to update to Marshmallow after a few months of it being released. (6.3.10) I've been experiencing some bugs and just wondered if anyone knows any fixes for these: 1. 3G/H+/4G sometimes dies. Rebooting solves the issue but that is a pain. I tried putting into Airplanes...