mi 10 5g

  1. IronIsh

    (Solved) I think I bricked my Mi 10

    Hi all, I have a problem with my Mi 10 and I think I bricked it, I'll try to make it short. I was using the Weekly ROM 22.6.15 if I'm not mistaken, and my phone stared acting a little weird last Saturday, I was caught in a storm and I think a little bit of water might have gone into the USB...
  2. R

    Mi 10 (umi) Blackscreen/Hardbricked after update to latest MIUI12 Stable - need help

    I managed to hardbrick my half-year old mi 10 by updating to the latest stable update . I was updating from 12.2.8 to 12.2.9 It went in the stock miui recovery by accident (put my case on the wrong way and the buttons got forced...). After rebooting i was stuck in fastboot, but unable to...
  3. B

    Invalid MIUI Firefox isn't able to "add to homescreen"

    Firefox isn't able to add bookmark to homescreen. I tried activating the always allow option in security>manage apps>Firefox>other permissions>add to homescreen> allow always. Then restarted the phone as well. But still firefox doesn't save bookmarks to homescreen. Chrome is able to do so, but...