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  1. R

    will we get the MIUI stable rom even when xiaomi move to Hyper OS ?

    I currently have miui on Xiaomi Mi 11 Venus. Stable rom installed from xiaomi.eu website. I am just wondering if xiaomi.eu dev tema will release hyper OS stable rom without ads once Xiaomi will release Hyper OS to Mi 11 ? Please advise. 2nd question - I heard that there are no more...
  2. E

    [Mi11 5G] Speaker/Sound issue

    I am having the same problem as the owner of this thread Mi 11 speaker issue, can't find any permanent solution for this. I tired changing the "sound effects" preset from "smart" to "music", it rarely works and if it works, it only works temporarily.. Anyone had the same problem and already...
  3. M

    New Wifi draining battery after MIUI 14 update

    I updated my MI 11 lite smartphone recently from MIUI 13 to MIUI 14 and I noticed that the battery keeps draining too much and when I check which app is responsible for that I find that it's the WIFI (I used to charge my phone once a day now I charge it 4 times a day because of this issue).
  4. G

    Mi 11 Venus - From Weekly to Stock

    Hi! Nice work with the Xiaomi.EU ROM and loving the quality and the features of the ROM. I have been racking my brain all day trying to figure out how to go back to Stock firmware on my device because I have gotten the infamous broken camera sensor so I cant take any pictures at x1 zoom and up...
  5. R

    Mi 11 no more image after trying to flash update

    hi all, I recently tried to update my Mi 11 to 13.0.9 with the TWRP (twrp-3.6.2_12-v3.9_A12-venus-skkk.img) that was in one of the bigger threads on this website (sorry, i can't find it anymore but it had a link to androidfilehost with all xiaomi devices). After trying to flash the update, I had...
  6. R

    New Mi 11 - MIUI 13.0.8 Very weird bug please help.

    Hello, For weeks now i have been trying to figure out a very weird bug on my Mi 11 but i can't seem to find the cause. What is happening is that the navigation buttons go crazy in some apps. For example when i press on one of the 3 navigation buttons in lets say Edge web browser the buttons...
  7. R

    No SMS verification code received to create new Mi account (lots of details provided, help please?)

    I know this issue has been addressed numerous times on many forums. Often whatever solution is provided works for some but others say it did not work for them. I've done my due diligence and there must be something particular to my situation. So here are as many of those particulars as I can...
  8. M

    MIUI 13 terrible battery drain

    I have a MI 11 (venus) and since I have updated to stable xiaomi.eu MIUI 13 the SOT went from 5/6 hours to barely 4 hours, anything I can do to solve it?
  9. 2

    Xiaomi Mi 11T conectivity issue with Android Auto

    Hi all. Please help. I recently bought a new phone, an Mi 11T, then, when i try to connect to Android Auto it works, but it deconnects automatically after 1 or 2 minutes. This "game" with auto connecting and deconnecting is happening till i stop it. It` doesn`t matter the method of conectivity...
  10. playmo

    TWRP 3.6 on Android 12 can't decript data even if no pwd :-(

    Hi I'm asking for your help because I can't understand where I'm wrong, I have correctly installed the latest weekly on my Mi 11 Magisk 23 without problems, but now I'm stuck with the TWRP custom recovery I install it following the official guide but I can not get him to mount the data...
  11. M

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  12. R

    Unlocking Bootloader and flashing MIUI EU version on Mi 11 via Mac OS?

    Hello everyone :emoji_wave: As the title suggests, I was wondering is there a way to unlock your bootloader and then flash a fresh install of MIUI via Mac OS? All I've found is some third-party tool called XiaoMiTool V2 but it's posted by the creator on the XDA forum back in 2017 I think so I'm...
  13. A

    New mi 11 sunlight mode dont work in manual brightnes , it works only in auto ...

    mi 11 sunlight mode dont work in manual brightnes , it works only in auto .... i have poco x3 pro and in sunlight the screen is more clear to see than the mi 11.... mi 11 have 1500 nits and i cant see in sun ? really... it is from miui disabled?
  14. M

    Battery drain on Mi 11 with Xiaomi.eu rom question

    How is the battery drain on Mi 11 with MIUI 12 stable? With the Global version of MIUI 12.5 I only get an average of 5/5:30 hours of screen time which is pretty crap, so I was wondering if it was worth it changing to Xiaomi.eu
  15. M

    New to custom roms question

    Hi, I've been thinking about changing from the global miui to xiaomi.eu lately because a lot of people recommend it. I have a Mi 11 which is a great phone but its battery life isn't so much great, so does the mi 11 battery last longer with xiaomi.eu? I've seen some other post where it seems that...
  16. Jorge24

    Can I remove SIM from Mi 11 during the 168-hour wait period for unlocking the bootloader?

    I just got a Mi 11 and just started the 1-week (168-hour) wait period before I can unlock the bootloader. However, do I need to keep my SIM inside the Mi 11 during this wait period? Or can I take out my SIM and put it in my old phone so I can continue using my old phone until the wait period is...
  17. J

    Only recognized in fastbootd - flash TWRP in fastbootd?

    Hello, I have my Mi 11 for a few days now and just can't manage to flash TWRP. The Mi 11 is from Trading Shenzen with unlocked bootloader, but without EU-Rom. I have already flashed a few devices with Minimal ADB & Fastboot but I have never failed so miserably. The Mi 11 is recognised in ADB...
  18. M

    Update with TWRP

    Hello. Last week I installed for the first time the weekly beta TWRP for my Mi 11 (21.6.16), now I want to update to the new weekly ROM. How is this done with TWRP? Do I need a computer for this process? Thanks.
  19. L

    Blocked in fastboot, bricked ? Mi 11.

    Hello, i try to find someone to help me with my phone. I buy it accidentally with China/Eng ROM and i want to install Global ROM (i'm French). I watch some tutorials and read some posts in the net but i can't resolve my problem. I try to flash but the phone come back in Fastboot mode after...
  20. M

    New method to install for the first time TWRP for Mi 11?

    Hello. Is there a new or easier method for installing TWRP specifically for Mi 11 (Venus)? Because I think this method is old: https://xiaomi.eu/community/threads/guide-install-twrp-for-mi-11-pro-ultra.61239/ Thank you for your help!