mi a3

  1. D

    New HOTSPOT(Issue) ~ Xiaomi Mi A3

    Good afternoon, I would like to report a very annoying and serious problem on the mi A3, when you use the device's hotspot to connect, for example, with a notebook, it connects, cool! BUT when you are going to use your phone for anything, the notebook automatically disconnects, making it...
  2. Brandon Estrada

    Mi A3 hard bricked ¡HELP!

    I was changing the operating system to my Xiaomi device (MI A3), all good in flashing the rom (it should be said that it was atom OS) before flashing the rom erase what was in the partition a and b to flash the new system which flashed on partition b, when I used the fastboot command "fastboot...
  3. G

    twrp or not twrp??

    posso rimettere il mio miui al telefono senza twrp? (for my miA3)
  4. G

    bootloop mi a3

    ciao, oggi mentre stavo provando a mettere il twrp sul mio dispositivo (mi a3) è entrato bootloop e ovviamente non ho il twrp.help pls