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    Can't install Mi Fitness Global version

    Hello, I can't install Mi Fitness which comes from the Google Play Store against the one already preinstalled on the rom, I install the apk manually and it asks me to use Get Apps (which doesn't work), I want have the Global version of Mi fitness and not the Chinese version.
  2. J

    New Update not working

    Hi there, so, long ago I've received a MIUI 12,5 update but I can't download. The progression gets stuck at 7% and 8% (getting back to 7%). Then the update app stops working and resets the download. I just can't download the update. Any fix? Also my mi fit app have a bug, when I install my mi...
  3. M

    Xiaomi Health App - Add new source not working

    Hello all, My Xiaomi Mi 11 12.5.1 Stable got issues with the Xiaomi Health App. I got Xiaomi Mi Smart Body Composition Scale 2 with the Mi Fit App and Mi Watch with the Xiaomi Wear App. When i want to add a new source to my Xiaomi Health App - sync the Mi Scale 2 and my Mi Watch in the Health...
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    Why my Mi Fit app doesn't work? Please help

    I just bought a Mi Band 4 but when I try to register in the Mi Fit application, after I have to select the country, I press "next" and it says "Can't connect to network, try again later". I've been trying for a few hours but I can't figure out what might be the problem, I tried selecting other...