mi pad 2

  1. S

    Bootloader error code 03

    Hello - I really hope someone can help me. This is what I did, I did not use Tool software, I did it through fastboot commands as my Mi Pad 2 is not recognised by my PC on the normal mode: I unlocked the bootloader (in fastboot mode) using the command "fastboot oem unlock" - successfully I...
  2. Aero Wang

    How To Remove The White Frame Around Icons On Mi Pad 2 Running Miui 8.5?

    I've noticed my Mi Pad 2 running MIUI 8.5 has this ugly white frame (certainly a poor design choice from Xiaomi's under-qualified design director). I can use a different launcher but when the share menu (for example if I like to share a Youtube video on Facebook) pops up, the icons on the menu...
  3. A

    Mi Pad 2 Battery Replacement

    Hi, Where can i buy a battery replacement for this tablet? I can't find a store :(
  4. XamXamillia

    How To Unbrick Mi Pad With Only Dnx Fastboot Mode

    Dear Community, If you are facing the problem, that you can only access DNX Fastboot Mode (pressing Vol+ and Vol- during boot process) after softbricking your Mi Pad 2, please follow my short tutorial on MIUI Forum. Just search for "Unbrick Mi Pad DNX Fastboot" and please leave a LIKE, if this...
  5. XamXamillia

    Xiaomi.eu Rom For Chinese Stable V8.1.1.0

    I recently found out, that new chinese stable Rom V8.1.1.0 for Mi Pad 2 was uploaded on official MIUI page, as you can check under official MIUI forum and in related download section. Now I would like to ask our excellent developers here, if they are planning to provide us with an...