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    Mi Roaming (eSIM) no longer works on Patched MIUI 11 & MIUI 12 ROM

    Hi everyone! This thread is similar to another thread posted in 2018: https://xiaomi.eu/community/threads/mi-roaming.44410/ Mi Roaming is an APK offered by Xiaomi that enables fairly cheap eSIM plans for international travels. It is not present in the patched MIUI builds as it can be considered...
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    Mi Roaming

    Hi, I just installed the last stable version for my Mi5 ((xiaomi.eu_multi_MI5_V9.5.2.0.NAACNFA_v9-7.0.zip) and I just found out that the app "Mi Roaming" it is not included (and it is in the Chinese Rom). I tried to install it manually but I haven't been able to (it either crashes or won't show...