1. S

    Mi 10T Pro All Efs Block Backup

    I accidentally deleted all the efs blocks on the phone :( Could you please provide me a backup file with efs blocks. Thank you. my phone is Mi10T Pro (apollo)
  2. M

    [Mi10T Pro] End Support ??

    Mi 10T Pro Has Xiaomi already ended support for this phone model? The last stable soft was released almost a year ago !!! And beta versions are very bad.
  3. A

    Invalid Cellphone model changes after flashing weekly rom

    Recently flashed weekly rom on Mi10T using mentioned method TWRP. after flashing phone started showing that its K30S Ultra but i have seen some people on sharing videos of Mi10T flashed same version Weekly rom and its showing Mi10T. I cant get InTouch with them to see if there is any change we...
  4. G

    Flashing EU ROM - Mi 10T pro

    Alright so let me start off by saying that this is a brand new phone. Although I do have experience with rooting phones I have 0 experience with flashing ROMs so I'd like to know some things. 1. Is this the ROM I need, since the Mi 10T pro is apollopro and this is just apollo answered by @Igor...