1. jgarciadcruz

    New File explorer crash on opening - MIUI11 Stable - Xiaomi Mi5 (gemini)

    As the title says, I've installed MIUI11 Stable (xiaomi.eu_multi_MI5_V11.0.2.0.OAGCNXM_v11-8.0) today on my Mi5 terminal. Everything seems to work just fine except for the file explorer, which opens, shows a white screen for a second, then closes instantly. Here's a little video recording...
  2. B

    New mi5 can't boot in os

    I can't start os with the mi5 since the new version 10.5(both 9.6.20 and 9.6.13). I'm in twrp and install the rom, then I get the mi logo for about 10 minutes, which usually comes at startup. But then it boots into twrp again. I would be very grateful for a quick answer.
  3. S

    Xposed on Second/Dual Space?!?

    Hi everybody! I've a Mi5 with the Xiaomi.EU 9.5.2 and Magisk 18.0 on, and everything is fine. I've been using Second Space for some time now, and i've found i didn't have right root permissions on this one: i went on Magisk Manager settings and i've changed "mount namespace" settings, so now all...
  4. M

    Telegram X Error Help Please

    Hi! I can't use telegram x on my Mi5 phone. Because of the rom. Telegram X was automatically deleted on my phone after installing the new version. Mi5 rom version: MIUI 10 8.10.11 eu Beta
  5. S

    Getting back AudioFX

    Hello everyone, i have a Mi5 with your awesome Xiaomi.EU rom (MI5_V9.5.2.0.NAACNFA_v9-7.0), which is really amazing for me. I tried to disable the "stock" AudioFX with Kunkunsoft's Root Uninstaller (just disabled it, didn't want to uninstall it), in order to try a modded Viper4Android ("Divine...
  6. Poipoi

    New Magisk modules don't work

    Hi, I have a mi5 (gemini) with miui 10 stable (V10.0.1.0.OAACNFH). I installed magisk v 17.1 with four modules: Audio Modification Library Ainur Sauron Dolby Atmos (guitardedhero for oreo) Energized Protection They don't work, the icons don't show in the drawer, but looking at magisk log...
  7. S

    New Xiaomi MI 5

    Hi there I'm experiencing a weird issue with my MI 5, running the latest stable MIUI release. When I set alarm at 8AM and I unlock my phone at 9AM, only then the alarm gets triggered. Not when the phone is 'locked'(Maybe in some sort of deep sleep?) Could you guys post which MIUI version...
  8. N

    Mi5 too much slow... Any suggested rom?

    Well, I have these Mi5 128gb, from the first days, and was using the Xiaomi Europe Rom, pretty good... with the time and the new versions of Miui, I feel it get slow, and slow... until the last Miui 9.6 8.5.3 was terrible, Twiter, Firefox, any game, slow to open, and to use... Twiter was...
  9. S

    Google photos says 'photos left to backup' but won't backup in MIUI 10

    I have 2 phones mi5 and redmi 3s, and mi5 has miui10 eu and redmi 3s has miui 9. and the problem i'm facing with the mi5 miui10 version. i already cleared cache and all data then reset google photos for many times but that didn't work for me. i tried a lot but that dose not back up my photos and...
  10. M

    New Notifications on MIUI 10 8.6.21 Mi5

    Notifications on Mi5 with MIUI 10 8.6.21 don't wake up the lock screen.
  11. C

    Mi Roaming

    Hi, I just installed the last stable version for my Mi5 ((xiaomi.eu_multi_MI5_V9.5.2.0.NAACNFA_v9-7.0.zip) and I just found out that the app "Mi Roaming" it is not included (and it is in the Chinese Rom). I tried to install it manually but I haven't been able to (it either crashes or won't show...
  12. M

    New Lock Screen Very Slow (mi5 8.4.4)

    After upgrade to 8.4.4 version the lock screen was very slow to unlock and see notifications. Sorry my bad english.
  13. Daenjel

    Volume Up Button Doesn't Work Properly

    Hi, can someone help me with this issue on my device? The volume up button doesn't work on the system, it just stopped working one day and i thought it was a hardware problem, so, i made the hardware test from Miui and its all okey, but when i press the button doesnt volume up, what can it be...
  14. K

    [8.3.2] Send/receive Whatsapp Media Issue

    Hi guys, I recently updated to the first global beta of Oreo for mi5pro. Since I have two SIMs, I need two WhatsApp accounts. But after the update, I can't send or receive from the cloned WhatsApp any media. I don't know how to sort it out. Please help me thx
  15. Goyesays

    I Installed By Error A Wrong Rom Zip File In My Mi5

    Hi guys, I was trying to update my MI5 to the latest week version but I was a little droopy and I've installed the MI6 version :S so and now my phone looks like dead (I can't power on, no lights, I don't see the fast-boot / recovery mode), I don't know what to do :(, could you guys help me pls?
  16. A

    Best Rom For Mi5?

    Hello guys, I want to ask you about the best rom(not only miui, even aosp and other custom roms) when it comes to stability (bug free) and battery life.
  17. ianhughes74

    [Magisk Module] Step By Step Definitive Gps Solution (global)

    *This module also works for any another device with Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset based, so feel free to test it on another device that have Magisk and recommend for your friends that want a better GPS experience and functionality. The original gps.conf file present in any version of MIUI is very...
  18. A

    Upgrade From Stable To Stable

    Hi guys I'm a very satisfied user of MIUI 8 on my MI5. Got running smoothly for the last year and a half. Any specific steps to upgrade to MIUI 9? Do I need to upgrade to an intermediate rom/TWRP as in https://xiaomi.eu/community/threads/7-11-16.42331/ or can I just update straight from...
  19. M

    Question: Problem "searching For Gps" In Snapchat

    Hi! My brother has a problem where he's repeatedly abrupted by "Searching for GPS" message while in the Snapchat app. Some smart fellow here should know how to fix it? :) Phone is Mi5, MIUI 9 latest weekly eu build. Magisk installed for root. Thanks in advance! /Marcus
  20. A

    Copying Twrp Backup To My Computer

    Hi, i just want to ask if you cant copy your TWRP Backup from your phone to your computer? I am facing this problem i want to free up the space of my Mi5. I dont know why i cant copy/transfer twrp backup. can someone now how to fix this? pls need help. thanks! here's the error...