1. D

    New Fingerprint unlock not works

    I can´t unclock my phone with my fingerprint, the option is not found in the settings.
  2. L

    Force / 3d touch

    Hello everyone) I mi5s advanced user, and this is my question - where I can use this future (advanced /3d/force) touch. I use xiaomi EU rom for 2 months now and nowhere except for the main screen did not see the possibility of using it features
  3. L

    xiaomi.eu vs ******** vs Masik U

    What's better? Perfomance / battery / optimiation
  4. I

    When we can expect 1080p 60fps for Mi5s!!!! (((

    When we can expect 1080p 60fps for Mi5s?????
  5. R

    New Mi5s 8.4.26 - USB DEAD (only slow charge)

    Hi all, I'm loosing my head for a few days trying to get out of the mud i'm stuck. I was using an xiaomi.eu version of feb/18 and everything was ok until i had the AWESOME ideia of updating to the last version available, the 8.4.26 rom. After i flashed it in twrp i noticed that the quick charge...
  6. Jachtaas

    New Indication Light Does Not Work Mi5s

    Hi, On my mi5s with 9.6 / 8.4.4. beta the indication light does nothing. Settings is checked
  7. ElgaboEl11

    Help Mi5s

    salve o un mi5s con bootloader sbloccato twrp 3.1 ed xiaomi.eu rom ieri o fatto un flash della miui global devoper ed e andato in bootloop I can access the twrp at fastboot mode but the pc does not see the phone is loaded but in twrp that in fastboot does not see the pc the drivers are there I...
  8. M

    Are You Satisified With The Mi 5s's Audio Quality?

    I'm personally not satisified listening music with this phone as much as listening with my PC, which has only onboard sound chip but it gives the power of my Hybrid Pro HD. But I think Mi 5S has something like loudness equalization and more different bad effects. There is some songs that you can...
  9. M

    Solved - Stuck At Recovery While Flashing Rom: "package_extract_file Took 00s."

    I was using the latest MIUI 9.1 - 7.12.14 Beta ROM. I decided to flash the latest MIUI 9.1 Stable ROM without wiping any data ant it stucked at this screen over 30 minutes: So aperrantly it got stucked probably that I didn't wipe any data before flashing the ROM because I didn't want to lose...
  10. G

    Correct Update Miui 9.0

    Hi guys, I'm new to this forum even though I've been using xiaomi.eu ROM for months. First of all I thank you all for the job you do in this community :D I'm currently running MIUI eu stable on my mi5s, what is the correct procedure to update to MIUI 9 stable? Do I need to update modem...
  11. Cadomura

    New [mi5s] Weekly Miui 9 Bugs!

    Working fine as far as I see! But I got a couple of bugs: The notifications became better and smoother, but I can't answer to more than one WhatsApp messages anymore in the notification bar. Fingerprint unlocking works flawless 7-8 times of 10 and sometimes needs to pressed longer than...
  12. E

    New [mi5s] Google Assistant Always Opens After Unlocking

    Hello, I have google Assistant on long press homebutton. Every time i unlock with fingerprint it opens Google Assistant. I have this issue since 3-4 versions. Anyone hase a solution except remove Google Assistant from long press homebutton?
  13. Cadomura

    Miui 9 Or Android 7 On Mi5s 128gb/4gb With Stable Global

    Hello everybody! I'm new to this forum and I'm an total noob in software modding or flashing ( only on Android phones :) ) and I got my Xiaomi Mi5S with 128GB/4GB and I'm on MIUI Global 8.5 | Stable I'd like to know how I can update at least to Android 7 with MIUI 8 or maybe (if it's...
  14. L

    New Mi5s Android Assistant Unlock Bug On Miui 9

    Hi, I seem to be experiencing a very annoying bug. Whenever I unlock my screen using the fingerprint scanner, Google assistant comes up in the background. This is frustrating because the fingerprint sensor in the Mi5s already have issues, and Google assistant stops any music playing. I am...
  15. Multed

    Has Anyone Got Magisk Xposed Sdk 25 To Work?

    Has anyone got Magisk Xposed SDK 24 to work? When I installed it the phone got into a bootloop, which is solved now though. I installed it from within Magisk manager and then rebooted. Here's the thread: https://forum.xda-developers.com/xposed/unofficial-systemless-xposed-t3388268
  16. Jachtaas

    New Xiaomi Headphone Won't Work Mi5s Miui9

    After updating to miui9 the remote control of my xiaomi pro headphones won't work. Also others won't
  17. Multed

    Best Screen Protector?

    Hi! Which screen protector is the best for Mi5s? I recently bought Luanke but I don't like it, the cover is small and doesnt cover the whole screen, looks sloppy... https://www.*******.com/screen-protectors/pp_633176.html Also: Any tips for removing the screen protector and replacing it?
  18. Multed

    Question: Possible To Install Magisk + Xposed For Nougat 7.0

    Hi! Is it possible to install Magisk + Xposed for my mi5s with latest miui weekly (with android Nougat 7.0)? I can't find where do download it. Isn't it available yet? I would like to get the Greenify app to work as good as possible. Thanks in advance
  19. Multed

    Question: How To Check If I Have Unlocked Bootloader?

    Hi fellas! I recently ordered Mi5s from *******: http://www.*******.com/cell-phones/pp_471491.html Can someone explain how I check if it got an unlocked bootloader when it arrives? Also, what exactly is the unlocked bootloader? As I understand it I need the bootloader to be unlocked for...
  20. A

    Mi5s: Proximity Sensor Rip???

    Good morning Guys, there are a few days that i've got problem with the proximity sensor. When I do a call, the display doesn't turn off, so I accidentally touch the mute or pause button. I've try to update at the last xiaomi.eu 7.7.20 developer, but nothing has changed. Maybe is broken, but if...