1. M

    New Miui12 calls with redmi note 7

    Hi guys, I'm new on the forum, about a week ago I flashed my redmi note 7 putting the miui 12, I found several bugs but unfortunately one compromises the functioning of the phone itself. By making a call it is only possible to listen but whoever is on the other side will not hear anything. I...
  2. I

    New [8.9.6][RN5Pro] Mic issue in whassapp/telegram

    Okey so, when i first flashed developper eu, i had the same issue. And depends on the update, sometimes i have it and sometimes not. The problem is the following: My mic recorder works fine, so i dont think its a hardware issue. But when i use the recording option in apps such as whassapp or...
  3. B

    Microphone Gain Issue - People Can't Hear Me In Call.

    Hi I seem to have an issue with my Mi4C where people can't hear me in call. I tested the microphone using the voice recorder and it works fine. Then I ran Hardware Tests: 1. Main mic speaker feedback test - Pass 2. Simulation call test - Fail but I can hear something if I make a really loud...
  4. asianyan

    Noise Cancelling Cancels Out My Voice

    Whenever I'm making a call, the other person says it sounds like I'm under water or far away from the mic. I've googled it up and found several forum posts about this. The problem is the noise cancelling. I have not found a thread with this problem on the Redmi Pro yet. Is there a possibility...
  5. A

    Microphone Problems

    Many people have reported problems with the mic during phone calls, people on the other side have complained about the sound quality. It happened to me as well, on loudspeaker was all fine and also recorded sound through voice recorder is fine, therefore this should not be an hardware problem...
  6. B

    New Headphones With Mic Issue

    Hi everyone! I have a weird issue with my MI5. I use any wired headphones with mic and make calls with my phone, every time my screen locks the mic stops to work only when I open the screen back on people can hear me. I can still listen to them talk. To "fix" it I restart the phone, but it...
  7. M

    New Mi4c Front Mic Doesn't Work For Video Call

    I have problem with my mi 4c front and back microphone. The sound produced is too low when I make video call using Facebook, hangout, duo, etc. Please help me to solve it
  8. K

    New Audio Recording Issues On Latest Weekly Roms For Mi5

    In the last weekly ROMs for Mi5 (especially from the 6.9.15) , when I record a video from the default app, its audio is very bad. It's not a stereo audio, how normally it should be and you expect to be, but the second microphone works as it usually does on a call phone for noise cancellation...