1. W

    MI 8SE CHINA ROM - Issue with blank screen after using MiFlash tool

    Hello Xiaomians, I was trying to install EU rom on my CN version MI8SE, i had unlocked it, then i wanted to use MIFlash to flash it, i went into Fastboot and was using MiFlash Tools, i got the two errors on two occassion: i. failed: remote( rpm )no such partition ii. error:Writing 'rpm' So after...
  2. R

    Mi flash tool implies that my account is authorized?

    Hello. Recently I unlocked my bootloader and I've been thinking about installing TWRP and flashing ROM's on my device (tucana). I also decided to plan in advance in case the worst happens and I somehow brick my device, so I explored for a bit Mi flash tool. When I authenticated my account, it...
  3. S

    Bricked Mi 8 EDL flashing problem

    Hello, I have a bricked Mi 8 (Chinese version, locked bootloader, broken recovery & fastboot). However, this isn't a problem, as I can go to EDL mode without any problems. The problem is this message from Mi flash : "Sorry, couldn't flash device before turning off Find My Device". Of course...
  4. T

    Stuck in bootloop, phone won't flash, need help

    Hello, a few hours ago I delt the need to download Google Pay, but it wouldn't let me use it as my phone (Redmi Note 8 Pro) is not "Play Protect Certified". Fair enough I then look on the Internet and find a way to bypass this restriction using something called "Magisk". Next thing I know : I...
  5. K

    Not booting - Not showing the MI logo

    Hello, I have a Redmi Note 6 Pro (Global version). Yesterday I attempted to update the phone to MIUI 11, I had 95% battery and everything seemed to be ok. I was kinda tired so I closed my eyes to rest, last time I checked the phone it was at 89.95%, I opened my eyes about 15 minutes later, and...
  6. claudio0222

    Xiaomi mi 8 se problems

    At the moment of wanting to go to the stable version of miui 11, it rebooted and I stayed on the fastboot screen, the black screen comes out when I want to use miflash or miflashpro, and when I try to use adb I get the following image what is the solution? has a solution? :( thank you very much
  7. L

    Mi 9T Mi Flash Problem

    I'm trying to get back to the global rom again, using mi flash, but it's giving error, could anyone help me? '' Antirollback Check Error '' Miui.eu 11 9.10.17
  8. N

    Dead phone after turning off while instaling ROM / MiFlash doesn't see device / can't go FASTBOOT nor recovery

    Hello, I was installing on my Xiaomi Mi 5x MIUI 10 by TWRP. Eveything was fine, but for some reason meanwhile phone just turned off. I was trying to go into FASTBOOT (vol - and pow) after connecting to PC but it only makes vibration and signal (black screen). Also tools like MiFlash don't see...
  9. T


    POCOPHONE F1 brick . HOW TO INSTALL STOCK ROM. Restoring a bricked phone via EDL mode after unsuccessful firmware using an authorized mi account with developer rights.
  10. S

    Miflash doesn't detect my cellphone

    Hello everyone, I started the unlock process of my Redmi K20 Pro last week and the process requested me to wait around 160 hours. Today I tried the same process again but right after signing in to miflash, I got stuck at the screen where to software waits to the cellphone to be connected. 1. My...
  11. F

    Unbrick and Unlock Service

    Hi to everyone. İf you need an authorized account for flashing xiaomi phones and restoring brick devices, write to this person on Whatsapp +79677771598 He also does unlock phones by IMEI ! using an authorized mi EDL account, you can restore phones with constant reboot problems, "This version...
  12. K

    MI8 SE stuck in fatboot + mi flash done in 1 sec

    Hello, i've just flash TWRP, and now my phone is stuck in fastboot mode. I've tried to flash the original rom ... but i can't... i get got this errors.. Can you help me? https://drive.google.com/open?id ... kj-sX3KQWf6g612fpBH
  13. E

    New Mix 2S booting when connected to pc while in TWRP Recovery

    Hi. I can't install anything on my device 'cause I need to Format Data before installing a ROM. Though, EVERYTIME I plug my phone to PC while in TWRP it just freezes and boots up. I was able to install TWRP 'cause the exactly moment after booting in TWRP I disconnected it from PC. Sometimes...
  14. Dwosky

    Phone Stuck In Edl/qualcomm Usb Despite Flashing Via Miflash

    This morning I wake to my phone being completely unresponsive with black screen. No button seemed to work nor the led once I plug in to the power outlet. Checking the forum I've seen this could happen and means the phone might be bricked. I plugged it to the laptop and luckyly it found it as a...
  15. Risuno

    Bricked Phone. Tried A Lot Of Stuff But Couldn't Fix It. Help Please :(

    Ok, I could imagine this is a tough one: I had problems with my GPS, so I wanted to get root access. Contacted Xiaomi to unlock my phone: worked fine. Next up to get it rooted, I installed a fresh version of the TWRP recovery, since the old one for some reason disappeared after I installed the...
  16. F

    Redmi 4 Prime Bricked

    Heya guys, Received my Redmi 4 Prime today but I think I already messed it up beyond repair. It had a dodgy reseller ROM on it, so obviously I had to revert back to the original ROM, unlock the bootloader and flash the Xiaomi.eu weekly. Except in my excitement I used MiFlash and a fastboot ROM...
  17. L

    Checking Find Device Status Infinite Loop

    Hi everyone. 1 - After my xiaomi redmi 3 was in bootloop I flashed it with v8.0.2.0.LAIMIDG. 2 - At the first boot, when I had to sign in to my Mi Account, the phone started saying "Checking Find device status...", without letting me even try to sign in. I tried to wait but nothing change, it...
  18. socratesbrussels

    Redmi 3s Hard Brick

    Hi forum members, I ask your help for the following: My Redmi 3S got (hard-)bricked. I will tell the background and the actual status. 1. Ordered and received the Redmi from the European store of Honorbuy.com. (Took only three days!) 2. OS was MALMIDE (Global ROM) but without locale and...
  19. nlacsoft

    Yet Another Full Recovery Rom Flashing Description

    Hi, let me share my steps to install the latest eu dev ROM from the chinese dev ROM successfully on my Redmi 3 Pro, done yesterday. Another newbies may find it useful, i try to have it complete and refer to external tutorials as less as possible. The process is mostly based on this: en dot miui...
  20. Alione

    Miflash Show Me Com3.

    When i connecting my phone to PC, MiFlash show me device as "COM3", whats wrong and how to fix it ?