miui 12.0.3

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    Invalid Redmi note 8

    Hey there guys, I downloaded and flashed the 12.0.3 version for Redmi note 8 and I have a problem ,when I want to set a secured lock screen fingerprint doesn't work to set it, I have tried other roms but it worked in them all ,if u can fix this bug.
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    Why apps send information to Google

    Look at the pictures.
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    Very Low Volume on bluetooth speakers and earphones

    Using Mi 8, MIUI from Xiaomi.eu (obviously) and Comparing to MIUI Global and AOSP Custom ROM on other Mi 8 and mines too, the sound on Xiaomi.eu ROM is so low. I know that it is low for the European regulations but I really want my sound volume back to normal. Any idea how to do it? Is...
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    Xiaomi Mi Note 10 display problem Notch one side and flickering after MiUI 12 Stable

    My Xiaomi Mi Note 10 display have problem Notch one side and flickering after MiUI 12 Stable my phone been working normal until yesterday afternoon i turned it off and o turn on again i found this notch problem as in photo i was sad .. but i found many other users have same problem in notch...
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    New [MIUI STABLE] MI 10 "Color inversion" bug (can't unlock)

    Hey, there is a huge bug if you use the "Color inversion" mode under "additional settings -> Accessibility -> Color inversion". Well what I did: I inverted the colors and locked the screen. After locking the screen if I try to turn it on it just shows me a white screen and I can't do anything...