miui 12.5

  1. Ronald.me

    New [Bug report] App animations not fluid, Camera shutter lag, Updater keeps crashing and more!

    Hello, Everyone! I found some bugs on the Xiaomi.eu ROM on my Redmi 9T! I flashed Xiaomi.eu because I want to try out MiUI 12.5 Enhanced since in Stock ROM, I don't seem to have the update. But, I noticed that when I open apps, there's no animation but when closing it, Its animation is like...
  2. A

    Pregunta sobre actuación

    Hola, tengo un tengo un Redmi note 7 con la versión 12.0.3 Europea y no puedo actualizar a MIUI 12.5 porque es global. ¿Alguien sabe cuando llegará a la versión Europea?
  3. samirglima

    How will I update my device from now on? (Mi 9T Pro)

    Hi guys, before my mi 11, I had a mi 9T Pro (K20 Pro) with global ROM and switched to xiaomi.eu stable. When I gave my cell phone to my mother I put the global again and so far so good (it's currently in version 12.0.6, android 10). The "problem" started when the phone no longer updates over the...
  4. S

    Invalid Status bar

    I have the latest stable version of MIUI 12.5, some applications such as Spotify does not completely close the notification and it remains absurd blank space, I attach a screenshot
  5. vlados

    MIUI 12.5 and Samsung Galaxy Watch problem

    Hello guys, I have Xiaomi Mi Note 10 and Samsung Galaxy Watch (SM-R800NZSAXAR) and every-time the connection is lost between the phone and the watch I need to open the Wear app and approve all the permissions. I already tried hard resetting
  6. I

    Invalid 12.5

    On my Mi CC9e, Every xiaomi.eu miui 12.5 beta build is super laggy. It takes about 3 to 4 seconds even to open call app where the closed china beta works fine except the Google services. Those doesn't work on the china beta. Just crashes every time I open. And in the xiaomi eu beta. Every time I...
  7. Zeedorf

    Invalid [21.03.11] Xiaomi MI 11 - Battery absorption

    Good morning guys, I wanted to point out that after the update to 21.3.11 for my Xiaomi Mi 11, it has a rather strange behavior! When the phone is not used, for example at night, that process has exponential battery drain, much more than using the phone! In summary: the phone consumes four...
  8. abhi281

    Issue with latest weekly ROM

    Hello, I was looking to give a try to MIUI 12.5 based latest EU Weekly ROM (21.2.3) into my device. But even after a clean install (using latest Orange FOX recovery) it' was not booting. I had to wait for more than 30 minutes and still stuck at MIUI logo. Then I did a 'Format data' and then the...
  9. R

    Mi 10t lite - MIUI 12.5 - Google assistant problem

    Hi, Just updated from LOS to MIUI 12.5 running android 11. When I'm trying to turn on the Google Assistant "Hey google" recognition, it automatically turns off. -There's no autostart option for Google app -There's no Google Assistant independent app -Tried uninstalling and re-installing Google...