miui 13.0.5

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    Can't remove camera sound from WhatsApp

    Hello everybody So I just got my Redmi Note 11, and noticed an annoying sound on WhatsApp when I take a photo. This happens even when I'm in silent mode. Doesn't happen Instagram or Camera app. Anyone knows how to solve it?
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    Problems Mi11 Ultra after fastboot Miui 13.0.5, apps do not start

    I updated my Mi11 Ultra from Miui 12.5.20 to 13.0.5 by installing xiaomi.eu_multi_MI11Pro_MI11Ultra_V13.0.5.0.SKACNXM_v13-12-fastboot on my via fastboot. But something went wrong, because I cannot start the installed apps. A message says, that I have to wait until your device has completely...