1. archesolus

    Arnova Google-Camera Mod 8.1 [STABLE]

    Redmi Note 7 Pro is a device capable of delivering amazing photos with the help of Google-Camera which has gained a lot of popularity in the past recent years. The aim of this thread is to provide the violet community with the latest news and updates about our dedicated Google-Camera Mod created...
  2. K

    MIUI 12 Fingerprint animation long

    Hello community! Lately with the latest versions of MIUI, I have wondered if there is any way or mod to change the duration on screen of the symbol or logo of the fingerprint reader, I mean, I would like to make the animation be on screen for about 8-10 seconds such as it happened in MIUI 10...
  3. E

    New Mod_Icons probably hardcoded

    Good Day, I noticed that some apps (e.g WhatsApp, Instagram etc) does only apply the icon in the folder 'miui_mod_icons' if they are PNGs (named like the app) and not inside a folder (named like the app) So I believe that some icons have a hardcoded path I think this is a limitation...
  4. N

    Display Mod in Xiaomi EU Rom

    Ist there a was to use an increased Hz Mod on the Mi9T with current MIUI 11? For me flashing the dtbo File from XDA doesn't work... I would really like to try this out.
  5. jimgsey

    [Mod] [Aroma Installer] ATLANTIS CONCEPT [Aosp and MIU]

    New mod that flashes from recovery to rom miui. Use as base the aroma installer that allows the user to choose what it is to install. The mod allows: Delete more than 42 apps (Lite your rom) Add some apps Add some mods from miui Change bootanimation Use your favourite kernel (all miui...
  6. Kazami Yuuka

    [mod][magisk][5.0+] Disable Unified Flat Icons

    Well, choices are choices, right? It's the same as your choice to install this ROM. I just recently switched back to this rom from a buggy Lineage build and found out the Limitless theme included is the exact thing I was looking for since the MIUI7-8 days for the icon sets. Since adds...
  7. M

    (req) Remove Hotseat/dock Bar On Miui8

    Someone who can teach me how to remove hotseat from miui launcher on miui 8. I cant search it on the forum. I have root my phone, root explorer n other tools to mod the launcher. But i cant find the location on the apk to start the mod. Sory about my language. Thank you so much....
  8. iRob87

    [mod] Home 4x6 Grid Size

    Hello guys, I finally managed to bring 4x6 grid size back to MIUI 8 Home screen. To apply this MOD you must have Root on your device. Then follow these steps: Download on your device (you can test it on any Xiaomi device, just let me know if it worked) this file Open Root Explorer (yes...
  9. kamakasnh

    [mod] Xposed V83 Miui-compatible

    Credits to SolarWarez and of course rovo89 Inside this link you will find the latest xposed for MIUI versions arm + arm64 sdk 21,22,23 Mi2 has arm architecture 5.0.2=sdk21 5.1=sdk22 6=sdk23