nfc payments

  1. B

    Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro NFC and Battery Drain Miui 13.0.10 stable

    Greetings Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro Users. Recently switched from Miui 13 China Rom to Miui 13.0.10 Stable 1 Problem - NFC doesn't work it don't make payments or even connect with other equipments. 2 Problem - Battery discharge without using the phone or even when you use daily with apps...
  2. H

    Card Emulation

    Hi I installed and rooted it using magisk via boot.img I downloaded an app from the play store called card emulator pro root. I tried to emulate the card it was successful but when I tested it it was spamming the reader. Thank you
  3. P

    (12.1.2) Paying with Google Pay not working?

    Hello. Recently, i switched from MIUI 9.8.1 to MIUI version mentioned above and i noticed i can't pay with Google Pay. So i installed NFC Tools and tried if NFC even working anywhere. It didn't. So i headed to settings and saw something like "Refresh NFC settings" which was added to ROM for...
  4. N

    NFC Payment with EU Rom

    Is there (or will there be in the nearer future) a possibility to use the phone for electronic NFC payment? Like Google pay or similar. (Mi 10 Ultra with MIUI 12.0.13 stable)
  5. M

    Some questions for rooted devices / devices with rom: findmyphone and payments with nfc (ING DIRECT)

    Hello all. I registered here so as to get answer to my questions, please do not hesitate to tell me if I posted it in the wrong forum or if I did something wrong I have been thinking in changing my original room by the one of, as I am feed up with Xiaomi not allowing me to change the...
  6. F

    New MI8 (stable eu) Google pay broken

    It worked fine since last week now it says device can't be used to pay in shops. My phone is not rooted, didn't change any settings. Tried to clear google pay and google play services, it didn't fixed. Tried to remove and re-add my credit card, get the message "Couldn't finish setup to pay in...
  7. Arguuo

    New Bank's Payment App Fc Every Time

    My bank's NFC Payment app (which is a Paylib solution) FC every time I try to pay with. I tried to allow the auto-start, to dismiss any restriction to save battery, I checked if I'm correctly using the HCE Wallet and if my bank's app is the default payment app. But it keeps crashing when I put...
  8. Arguuo

    Paylib With

    Hello, is there some french guys using Paylib solution for NFC Payments with a ROM here ? I wonder if it works when the bootloader is unlocked. I saw in features : SafetyNet passed (Android Pay) But what about other solutions than Android Pay ? :rolleyes: