no fastboot

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    Please guys help me i tried to root my redmi note 9 with TWRP but after installing magisk i tried rebooting this is when the redmi logo started glowing for aproximately 3 minutes after the screen got black and i restarted so i tried to open fastboot but i just vibrated and didn't do anything. Is...
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    Mi 11 Lite Bricked with no access to fastboot

    Hello everyone, I bought myself Mi 11 Lite when I was in China, obviously, it had Chinese ROM. When I attempted to install/flash global ROM on my device, something went wrong ( I assume my cable just got disconnected in the middle of flashing) my fastboot screen got replaced with a black screen...
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    Mi 4s Not Powering On

    Hi All, My Mi 4s was working fine, then last night the battery didn't charge fully (only to 44%) then today I rebooted the phone and it no long powers up. I can't get into TWRP or fast boot mode using the power + Vol up or power + Vol down. Anyone got any ideas that may help me please...