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    Recover notes

    Hi. I updated to the latest MIUI version in my Mi 9T Pro, which made the typing extremely slow, and rendered the app practically unusable. I tried the "Uninstall updates" option in the 'app info' tab. Upon opening the app afterwards, all of my notes were gone. The app is currently on version...
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    Copy/paste notes from the internal memory of xiaomi phones

    I recently broke the touchscreen on my Redmi Note 5 running the latest Global ROM and have no control over the phone except over usb cable anymore. I can still access the internal memory over usb and usb debugging is enabled. Is there a way to copy notes (stock MIUI app) from this xiaomi phone...
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    Audio Recorder Mi5 Is Bad

    The audio recording MI5 in the video and voice notes, is very bad, no low frequencies, in 200Hz down does not record anything. You can fix this by updates? or the microphone is bad?