notification bar

  1. K

    New [not a bug] POCO F3 Bluetooth headest status missing in notification bar

    When a bluetooth headest is connected, a status icon should be displayed in notification bar near the "bluetooth enabled" icon. But it is missing Hpwever, the icon is visible if I drop down the switches panel. Tested on 12.5.12 and 12.5.20 I guess it has something to do with front camera...
  2. K

    Disable notification from status bar and show only notification badge

    Hello everyone, I just got a MI 10T Lite, my first Xiaomi phone. I am coming from EMUI, and I am not very familiar with MIUI yet. How can I disable a specific app's notification from displaying on the status bar in homescreen and lockscreen, but show that notification as a badge on the side of...
  3. ExP00

    New MIUI 12.0.4 Disappearing notification?? Poco F2 Pro

    Hi, I've had this issue since I got this phone a few months ago: Every now and then, one of the notifications will disappear from the notification drop down. The icon for it will still appear on the top bar (near the clock), but the notification itself is nowhere to be found. Is this a known...
  4. N

    STATUS BAR: how to move Clock and Alarm icon to the right side in Status Bar

    Is there a way I can move the clock and the alarm icon from the left to the right side of the status bar, together with the battery indicator? I believe that the left side should remain for the needs of the user items while these appear as the system items. It seems as logical request. In that...
  5. W

    Toggles screen doesn't open, only notification

    When i try to pull down the toggles curtain, I see No notification message but the Toggles curtain isn't there. I did sucedded in opening it earlier but now it's gone. Only notification curtain Any ideas?
  6. H

    Invalid i can't pull down notification bar.

    I have Redmi note 8 , as the title suggests, sometimes I cannot pull down the status bar in order to view notifications or turn on/off wi-fi, reading mode and so on. I couldn`t recognize a particular pattern when this will happen and it could (as of my knowledge) only be resolved by rebooting...
  7. E

    New Mi8 SE Animation İssue When Locking Screen

    A bug that started 1 week ahead. When the AOD is activated from the phone, the notification bar is black before locking and then the screen turns off when locking the screen. AOD uses lock animation as usual when inactive. Problem with AOD settings. The notification bar does not look nice when...
  8. gulp79

    REAL Notifications on Statusbar!

    Hi all, an italian guy sacca25 has posted a zip to have real notifications in place of clock on our MI 8. Here you can find instructions and the zip file to flash. Works only on Chinese based MIUI, so it...
  9. H

    New Mi music and lockscreen

    the application mi music does not show the playback notification in the lockscreen, i thought that fix in the version 8.9.13 8in a xiaomi redmi 3s, HM3SHM3X)i saw the bug from the version 8.9.6 on the same device but i don't know if it was before
  10. Ferrenberg

    New System UI crashing while using background services like VPN or IDM+

    Hello. My device is Mi Max 2. After I start to run some VPN or IDM service, the notification and recent apps get slow and buggy, to the point where I get an error message stating "System UI stopped working". No problems while using other apps' interfaces, just when I scroll down the...