1. P

    Redmi Watch 3 notifications

    Coming from an Amazfit. I find 2 things weird in the Redmi watch 3 notifications. 1. When I receive a notification from Whatsapp or any other app. There's a button saying "clear". This button takes up half the screen disrupting the entire notification. To add to the fire, the button is the...
  2. B

    MIUI 14 Limit background activity even after customization

    Hey, everybody. My new smartphone on MIUI 14 restricts background app activity and notifications very severely, even though all restrictions have been removed in settings. I have over 8 years of experience using MIUI on a daily basis, I have encountered notification issues before, but before...
  3. M

    Xiaomi Home Secure doesn't work

    I have a Da Fang Camera, so I can't configure in other regions, only I can configure in China. So I think that I have a problem for this reason. One week ago, the notifications I have from the Camera I could watch 10 seconds recorded from the notification, now when the notification appears the...
  4. V

    Lockscreen notification

    Hello. Im on the POCO X4 PRO 5G with ( and when I turn on lockscreen notifications, they just dont show. Even in the notification tray there are no notifications until.I unlock my phone. Does anybody know how to fix it. Thanks in advance.
  5. V

    New Lock screen notifications

    Hello Im on the POCO X4 PRO 5G and running rom stable. The problem is that even though i have lockscreen notifications enabled, my lockscreen doesent show notifications. The only thing i think might cause problems is the super walpaper that im using. The weird thing is that...
  6. B

    Redmi note 11s messenger notification problem

    I recently bought a redmi note 11s and i stumbled across the global xiaomi notification problem. I did some research and i set up all the apps like the guides shown on the internet. All the apps work perfectly fine except messenger. A few of the solutions mentioned below worked temporarly, but...
  7. T

    New Notification Whatsapp Miui (Redmi Note 9 pro JOYEUSE)

    I must say that I love the ROM but I only had a detail for which I had to uninstall it and I would like to be able to correct it. WhatsApp notifications do not arrive until I open the application, I have tried everything, Lock the application with the padlock, I moved all the battery saver...
  8. Rayearth

    New My notifications are not showing up

    After so many iterations of MIUI on various devices (currently using stable on Poco F4 GT) I'm still not receiving app notifications (fb Messenger, Gmail, etc.) Sometimes the notification is delivered after a while instead of right away after receiving msg or email. On other...
  9. M

    Notification Bar

    When i receive a message from whatsapp or any application , Every chat must appear in one notification slot( As shown in the Attached file named new ) , this problem happened after i did a factory reset to the phone 1 year ago although this problem hadn't been existed 2 years ago since i bought...
  10. M

    Invalid Double notifications on lockscreen using 3rd party themes (VEUXG)

    My device is showing the theme notifications AND system notification at the same time. No matter what 3rd party theme i use, the result is the same. MIUI EU 13.0.4 VEUXG Note 11 Pro 5g. Android 12. Tried different versions of MIUI systemui plugins to see if i could solve it but no luck. Could...
  11. F

    Notification Flash Sofascore problem

    Hello, I have problem with flahscore and sofascore notifications. After a goal it schould gave me a notification but there is no notification. In settings everything is ok (battery optimalization, autostart, atc.) Neither one of the apps doesnt create a notification. I am using poco F3 And...
  12. Plank99

    Notification issue with Facebook Messenger (No context in notification only last sent message is shown)

    Hello, Last week I installed Xiaomi eu ROM on my Xiaomi Note 10 Pro (HMNote10Pro_V13.0.8.0) and my question would be that why Facebook Messenger notification label can't show the previous messages that were sent to me only the last on even if I pull down on the notification. Whatsapp can do it...
  13. N

    New [MIX 4] [22.3.16/24/30] Notification delays, background apps do not keep running

    Basically, it seems like versions 22.3.24 as well as 22.3.30 have an issue where, after locking the phone and waiting for 5-10min, notifications will not get updated anymore. Apps such as Gmail, Discord and WearOS will not update unless opened, even if battery management is disabled and the app...
  14. C

    MIUI overrides notification sound of apps to the default notification sound

    Hi, I have MIUI13 (upgraded from 12.x) on my MI11T Pro. Normally every app has its own notification sound. But on my phone every app uses the default notification sound from sound settings. How can I turn off the unifying notification sound of each app?
  15. D

    customize led notification for mi 9 lite/cc9

    is there any chance to add the future of customizing the notification rgb led in the back of mi 9 lite before the end of update support of this phone?
  16. K

    Notification log/history

    Hi all, I can't find the notification log or history on Xiaomi Mi 10t Pro with Android 11 and Miui 12. Where can I turn it on?
  17. caiocapela

    Invalid Notifications coming back after swiped

    I have had this problem for many months, but I decided to report it now because it is bothering me so much. My notifications always come back. I just need to receive a new one and several old ones come back. Notifications up to 3 days ago. Any solution? Mi 9T 21.4.21
  18. Seresalf

    New Xiaomi home push notification issue

    Hi All, I have a XIaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro phone, and a HUawei Watch GT smartwatch. All notifictaions are working properly, except of Xiaomi Home. It does not send any notification to me watch even if it is enabled. Does anybody have any suggestion? Thanks in advance. Alf
  19. davideakadudu

    New No WhatsApp notification

    On my Mi Note 10 since two release of the last weekly eu, i can't receive always notification on whatsapp, and even if sometimes a sound notifcation arrives, never shown the red badge on icon on the home. Now instagram does the same thing
  20. FuThe

    Xiaomi IMILAB EC2 camera - motion detection nofitications delayed

    Hi, I have IMILAB EC2 camera installed in my garage and have an issue with push notification about any motion detected by the cam. I'm getting the notification around a minute after the motion was detected. Is there any possibility to make it more accurate? I want to get the notification...