1. Miyaku

    [rom] Aosp/mk Android N/o For Mi2s

    Hi, long time the "aries" don't have custom rom based android 7 or 8, now, it comming from some dev and official build by mokee, i already try this rom, and this is most stable rom. Based AOSP Mokee...
  2. J

    I Want To Downgrade To Nougat

    I installed 8.3.8 Oreo last weak, and besides some lag here and there, I like the ROM. The problem is that portrait mode in front cam on PixelCameraMod doesn't work, and that's a deal breaker for me. Is there a way of making the portrait mode mork, or to downgrade to Nougat? I would...
  3. M

    Question: Possible To Install Magisk + Xposed For Nougat 7.0

    Hi! Is it possible to install Magisk + Xposed for my mi5s with latest miui weekly (with android Nougat 7.0)? I can't find where do download it. Isn't it available yet? I would like to get the Greenify app to work as good as possible. Thanks in advance
  4. R

    Migrate From Gs Android 6 To 8.2 Android 7

    Hello, I am quite new to the matter and I want to flash stable to my unlocked Mi5. Now I found, that in your weekly rom releases thread: How to update MI5 to Android 7.0 from Android 6.0: - Install LATEST Android 6.0 release for MI5 6.11.10 - Install TWRP or ZCX - Reboot to...
  5. K

    Play Store Under

    Hi guys... What about your experiences with the new release ? Maybe it is only a problem of my Mi4c.... after updating to actual release the play shop is starting but updating and downloading of installed and new apps failed... Someone else with same ? Regards Karsten
  6. rubenspaiva

    How Install Android 7.0?

    Hi guys! In the official post has it saying: How to update MI5 to Android 7.0 from Android 6.0: - Install LATEST Android 6.0 release for MI5 6.11.10 - Install TWRP or ZCX - Reboot to new TWRP - Install Android 7.0 release - Reboot - Never wipe /system partition manually! - Done - In...
  7. LaurentiuCTN

    Ringer Interrupt Sometimes

    After installing any version of XIAOMI.EU rom with Android 7.0, i'm expecting a problem: when somebody calls me, the ringer sound is interrupting 1 time after approximately 2-3 seconds after the ringer starts. This problem appears random... not every time when phone rings. Has anybody face the...
  8. Daniele Dellafiore

    Gps And Google Play Services Issue After Upgrade To 8.2.1

    Hi. Last month I upgraded to 8.2.1 from 8.1 via OTA. Since then, the GPS is working very bad as in - google maps takes several seconds, even up to 10, to find location - city mapper can take 30 seconds - Car2Go and other app cannot find location at all Also Google play services is not...
  9. seaeyes

    [rom][unofficial] [natrium|mi 5s Plus] [7.1.1] Lineageos 14.1 By By Luk1337

    What's working : Boots Wifi Bluetooth Camera ( Videos And Photos ) Video Playback Audio ( Record and Playback ) Sensors GPS Everything else Go to XDA thread here to download the ROM. Also don't forget to thank LuK1337, and everyone involved in the development of that ROM.
  10. R

    Updating From Android 5.1.1 To Nougat

    Hello Friends, I want to Update my Mi4S to the new Android 7 Nougat Update and have some Questions about that. i always flash this way Wipe Cache Data/Factory Reset Wipe Dalvik Cache Wipe system Wipe Data After this Procedure i want to clean Flash the Android 7 Nougat update with the New...
  11. S

    Chances To See The Mipad 2 Running Android 7?

    What are the chances that the MiPad 2 receives an update to Android Nougat (7.x)? At that time it's still running on 5.1... Regards Stefan
  12. Alcatronic

    New Mi4s 7.2.9 Nougat Wifi Mac Address Resets After Every Restart

    Hey guys, on my wife's mi4s, since I installed Nougat the WiFi Mac Address resets every time her phone restarts. Please help! Thanks, Hendrik
  13. M

    Which Twrp Version Should I Used?

    There are 3 TWRP download option for MI4S. The first one is, and I have updated to MIUI 8 based on android nougat (7.2.9). Which twrp version should i use? Is there any explanation about the three twrp versions? Thanks for advance
  14. MiQuenDroid

    Android 7 Mi4c Battery Issues

    Hello, I upgraded my Mi4c to MIUI 7.2.9, but I have some battery issues. I must wait the next week or I can redownload and reflash the ROM ? Thanks :)
  15. N

    Android Nougat - Weekly

    Should I update to weekly or wait for stable release? When is stable coming?
  16. P

    Nougat Wi-fi Hotspot Problem

    Hi I'm trying create a wi-fi hotspot in my MI5 to share my internet, but the internet in the other devices stay so slow that is unusable... I'm on Anyone with this problem?
  17. Jaime DLH Stable

    Hi all, Stable has just been released! Many thanks to the .eu devs who made it happen :-) Haven't installed yet, has anyone? How is it? Specifically I'm interested in: - General performance, multi-core performance (mpdecision) - GPS performance - Fixes for known problems...
  18. Jaime DLH

    Android 7 Nougat Coming To The Mi 5!

    There's a request for alpha testers on MIUI forums for a Nougat build of MIUI 8: Who knows how much time will pass until this gets through all the testing phases and becomes a stable release, good enough for a daily driver... But it's exciting...
  19. wolfanger

    Unoffy Cm14 Android Nougat For Mi 4c

    Here the source: