poco f1

  1. D

    New Poco F1 Charging Bug

    I don't know what has happened to the charging time suddenly. Previously it got 1% charge before 60seconds. But now, for about 5 minutes, the phone get charged by 1%. My phone is rooted and running 12.0.2 miui.eu rom since 20/02/2021. What are the solutions I have here.?
  2. D

    Pocophone f1 not recognized on pc

    Hello, I put a rom in my phone and later I wanted to change it because I did not like it and my phone did not want to turn on, my computer does not recognize it .. I tried the basics to try to repair it but it did not work .. any help? I think the problem is because the pc does not recognize...
  3. mofeedooz battery drain

    Massive battery drain on my poco f1 ! I've tested it for a week now but still the same
  4. robnijhof

    [Tutorial] POCOPHONE F1: replace EXT4 filesystem of cache and data partitions with F2FS

    Hi guys, I was looking if it was possible to change the default filesystem EXT4 to F2FS on the POCO F1. I read it could give some performance improvements in terms of phone startup speed and launch speed of apps. Just simply changing the filesystem of cache and data partitions to F2FS in TWRP...