poco x3 pro

  1. H

    Notification Panel Blur - Magisk

    How to make the same blur background in notifications for miui 13.0.8 as shown in the pictures?
  2. N

    Using a Lighter to Revive Your Poco X3 Pro

  3. K

    New [Poco x3 pro] Network restart middle of call

    Poco x3 pro miui 14 android 13 This problem happen sometimes when i call someone and if they answer after about like 5sec the whole network of phone will restart everything like antenna and wifi will reconnect so i have to recall
  4. Lopolin

    [RESOLVED] should I be concerned by the output message "script succeeded: result was [256]"?

    It's my first time Installing a custom ROM, I chose the Xiaomi.eu Stable ROM. I have a POCO X3 Pro (vayu) and installed TWRP 3.6.2 to then Flash Xiaomi.eu MIUI14.0.3.0. I was switching from MIUI Global 12.0.5 (or was it I have encountered a few issues along the way and probably did a...
  5. Cuby3212

    New Bluetooth sound and lag issue

    Recently, I bought a pair of headphones, and when I connect them to my mobile phone's Bluetooth, everything seems fine. However, when I try to play audio or video, there is no sound on headphones (but there's sound in the screen recorder?), and my entire phone lags. Any solutions? This has...
  6. A

    Poco X3 Pro - restore original MIUI

    Hi does anyone have a guide or can give steps to restore original global ROM and lock everything down as if the phone was just purchased? I've got the ROM downloaded and put on the phone. Also have latest TWRP Every tutorial I've found is quite old so not sure if safe to follow. Thank you
  7. D

    New Reading mode not working well on Poco X3 Pro

    Reading mode is working but you can't adjust the yellow tint
  8. ThisIsDaMatt

    Xiaomi.EU icons in Poco X3 Pro

    I have seen in some videos that the icons in the Xiaomi.EU ROM, in the Poco X3 Pro, are the same rounded ones from Poco Launcher. Is there a way to replace these icons with the MIUI ones? This is an important point for me to decide whether to switch ROMs or not. Thanks in advance :)
  9. S

    New Poco X3 Pro Flashlight Issue

    With the most recent major phone update, my torch/flashlight seems to have broken even though it's still there as an option. It doesn't turn as a torch and it does not turn on when using flash for pictures. Any similar experiences or solutions to the problem?
  10. T

    Why can't i use icon packs anymore?

    My Poco X3 Pro used to have this Icon Pack option in Settings in which it let me change my icons. I was using the Lines Free icon pack from Play Store but today the icons randomly went back to normal. I tried to go to settings and look for the Icon Pack option again but it just isn't there. Is...
  11. E

    New [V12.5.5.0_RJUMIXM] POCO X3 Pro hangs when browsing thru wifi

    Both cellular data and WiFi are turned on. WiFi signal is good(!), and device is even close to the router. However browsing or any Internet activity are stuck. e.g. web page is not loaded and an error of the type "the page can't open, check your internet connection" is displayed. At this...
  12. C

    Invalid How to change default System Elements style?

    I replaced MIUI Global version with Xiaomi.eu version in my POCO X3 Pro last week, and I noticed that I can't change the system elements style when I select it from the Themes app or even the ones that were already installed in the ROM, it remains the same style although it says I have another...
  13. P

    Invalid Wi-Fi Doesn't turn on after updating Poco X3 Pro (vayu)

    I've recently received an update notification and updated my Poco X3 Pro MIUI ( I use Xiaomi.EU rom since version 12.5 ), from to and now Wi-Fi does not turn on in settings and also from control center. restarting the phone also didn't help. I uploaded a video to show that...
  14. M

    Invalid POCO X3 PRO MIUI 13

    So today the MIUI 13 update popped up in my phone, so I got it. There are some things I don't know how to solve and I could use some help. First, when I'm using an app that uses landscape mode and I go to recently used apps after closing it, if the screen is in vertical mode it starts tilting a...
  15. L

    New Poco X3 Pro Update App´s Fail

    Hello, I have updated to this version and I have several problems, and in two terminals: - The Play Store does not allow me to search for an app, a blank screen appears directly with the message "no results found." Curiously, it updates the installed apps. - The audio recorder gives an error...
  16. Otoc28

    Group notifications

    Is this a bug? Or the rom doesn't have group notifications enabled? I am on miui 12.5.5 in poco x3 pro, when I first started the rom I had the option of group notifications, I activated them, then when I left and re-entered configuration I no longer saw the option to activate them, until now I...
  17. Otoc28

    Experiencie of use (opinion) Poco x3 pro

    I have installed miui 12.5.5 by xiaomi.eu So far everything is fine, I just have a few questions and opinions regarding to some things that in my opinion could be implemented in future updates and that would be very good... - will you upgrade to the new game turbo? -It would be great if you...
  18. D

    Poco x3 pro dead, black screen, no boot

    Hello, how are you guys, this morning my Poco x3 pro 8/128 was working well, I left the cell phone on the table and moved for a few minutes ... when I returned I find that it does not work, it has a black screen, when I press the power button It remains black, when I press and hold for 10...
  19. T

    New Cell standby

    Yeah so on new update (12.5.1) i have cell standby problem again, and it drains like crazy, also my data is randomly disconnecting together with Bluetooth like lagging for 10 sec and then it goes back to normal, something that haven't happened before
  20. I

    Invalid Lock screen live wallpaper sound

    I recently purchased a Poco X3 Pro and it had the update of MIUI But before I did the update I wanted to test the phone for a little longer and I set up a live wallpaper which I had no idea it was possible . Anyways, I activated the fingerprint and all of that and I noticed that the...