power button issue

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    way of dissable the power button on poco f3

    I want to know if there is any way to disable the power button on the poco f3, becouse it just dont stop to turn off and on, i think its a hardware issue but still wanted to know if its possible to dissable the power button, its realy anoying
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    Mi 9 change power button/volume rocker part advice

    Power button replacement advice I recently changed my battery as it was starting to drain overnight about 20-30%. So after all of that I also thought I'd change my power button which has been giving me problems where it won't register or will try to restart the phone registering as being...
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    New Cannot disable Google Assistant from power button on Mi 10S MIUI

    Hi guys, I noticed that since version 13.0.8 or in the latest beta Xiaomi EU ROM, I just cannot disable Google assistant from the power button on my phone, it caused me can not use the power button on my phone to reset or turn off the phone properly. I've tried searching for button gesture to...