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  1. H

    New Notification bug on redmi 3s

    I instaled the version Xiaomi. EU _ multi_hm3shm3x_ 8.9.6 _v10-6.0 and in the notifications has this problem The problem happens when you receive multiple messages in a row, the first message if it is displayed correctly but all the others are shown as in the picture
  2. R

    Redmi 3s Global Not Responding To Anything

    Hello, so my Xiaomi redmi 3S Global 3gb/32GB stopped working. it just turned down and now it doesnt reacting to charging, and i cant turn it on to fastboot mode. I had it in charger for almost 12 hours and still nothing. Thanks for any advice
  3. A


    on initial setup, wifi is not enabled in stable, so it's impossible to connect to wifi (empty list) and thats a real problem since the phone it's still binded to the miui account used to unlock. impossible to go through the auth procedure without wifi connection (and without sim), no...
  4. E

    Does The Mi Store In Shanghai Sell The International/global Version?

    I'm looking to get a Mi with LTE Band 20 (800Mhz)Supported Since I'm going to China for a long well drop by a Mi Store. Question: Anybody knows if the Mi Store in Shanghai or Beijing sells the international edition? As fas as I know the following Mi models have an...
  5. C

    Help Needed : Redmi 3s Prime Got Into Bootloop During The Ota Update

    Hi all, Help needed to recover my 3 months old Redmi 3S Prime which is in bootloop after the OTA update, My sis using that mobile. We have lot of images and data in that, Please help me to recover the data, and help to solve the bootloop issue. I have attached 2 images(1st.jpg & 2nd.png) in...

    Redmi 3s / 3x - Poor Video/recording/... Sound - Fixed

    Hello, It seems there is a fix for the bad quality sound while using recorder or video camera... It would be great if it could be implemented in Xiaomi.Eu Rom and even greater if they could adapt it to other models suffering from same issue (Like Redmi 2, 3, 4, Note 3, Note 4) Here is the...
  7. F

    Gps Problem When Using Waze With Uber App

    i use waze app to navigate. When using waze alone is fine. The GPS work fine. But once I on my Uber app which also use the GPS. My waze will appear no GPS found. Once off my Uber app. The waze GPS work again.
  8. L

    New Google Assistant ( Google App) And Music Player Self Open When Earphone Plugged In

    Please help! I am using Redmi 3S (2GB RAM, 16GB internal storage), everytime I plug in my earphone (brand : TDK) amd open any apps (eg. YouTube, Chrome) it self open Google Assistant (Google App) and BlackPlayer (music player app) when I plug out my earphone the problem didnt happen. Please help...
  9. A

    New Redmi 3s Screen Does Not Turn Back On

    Hello, I have just received my redmi 3s. I configure it, and when I am in the home screen, I decide to set in sleep mode it (button power) to test the sensor of imprint. Problem: it does not flare up again any more. I am obliged to remain to hold 10 sec to restart it. When I try to relight the...
  10. J

    Cannot Get Twrp Installed Using Fastboot

    Hi all, I've bought a Xiaomi Redmi 3s (2g/16gb version) and would like to install the ROM. To flash the ROM, first the TWRP recovery needs to be flashed using fastboot. The phone is recognized by fastboot, and the bootloader has already been unlocked succesfully using the Xiaomi...

    Redmi 3s Stable Rom - Difference Between V8.0.6.0 And V8.0.10.0?

    Hello, I lately installed stable ROM : and I just discover that there is already a new Rom available: (link to both roms) Can someone tell me what are the difference between those two...
  12. W

    Xiaomi 4c 16gb Vs 3s 16gb

    Hello, This question might have been asked a lot of times but the search tool doesn't find anything. Which one should anyone go for? 4c seems faster and a sharper camera, but has no marshmallow. 3s looks like it has problems for some people and the 4000mAh battery doesn't seem to compensate...
  13. S

    Cannot Enable Wi-fi

    Today I bought a new Redmi 3S. I have a problem with wifi, I go to the wifi settings and tap on Enable wifi, the scroll bar moves to the right position, but then after a few seconds it moves back and nothing happens. What should I do? Thank you.
  14. V

    Need Help Reg Xposed Module .. And Manual Focus In Camera

    1.Yester day i flash Miui8 6.9.22 global dev from this site , eveything works great . after flash xposed face many laging , some freezing and some time random reboots .. and also process not responding error first am tell what moules are am enable 1.flat style bar 2.flatstyle keyboard 3.miui...
  15. socratesbrussels

    Redmi 3s Hard Brick

    Hi forum members, I ask your help for the following: My Redmi 3S got (hard-)bricked. I will tell the background and the actual status. 1. Ordered and received the Redmi from the European store of *******.com. (Took only three days!) 2. OS was MALMIDE (Global ROM) but without locale and...
  16. D

    New Multitouch Behavior

    I've encountered a bug that whenever I press the screen at the same time I release a long press, the long press won't release it, instead keeps pressed until I release the second or press at anywhere else on the screen (which will make the press drag to this new point). Here's a sample video...
  17. D

    Multitouch Problem

    EDIT: Hey guys if you want to keep the thread going here is the link for the bug report that I posted xiaomi. eu/community/threads/multitouch-behavior.33965/ and also the thread on official miui forums here en. miui. com/thread-346662-1-6.html I've encountered a bug that whenever I press the...
  18. Jaime DLH

    Upgrade From Stable V7.5.1.0.malcnde To V8.0.2.0.malcndg

    Hi all, I have STABLE V7.5.1.0.MALCNDE currently installed on my Redmi 3S, working great. I see that STABLE V8.0.2.0.MALCNDG has been released and available for downloading. I installed my current version via TWRP, no problems. I want to install the new version; can I just install it...
  19. W

    New ---

    Rom: 6.8.11 On Redmi 3S with 6.8.11 not working "Quiet ringer when lifted" when vibrate is on.
  20. Z

    Redmi 3s 6.8.4 System Very Lag

    I need to come back to 6.7.21 'cause the system is laggish and sounds are a little stuttering, especially the call ringing one and pokemon go not work "very very laggish"