redmi 4

  1. Banjer71

    Adroid update is possible or not?

    Hi I have a Redmi 4 prime or maybe redmi 4 (in setting it only shows redmi 4 as model number, and I never really understand what the exact model i got) Rom MIUI Global stable (MBEMIXM) Adroid version 6.0.1 MMB29M CPU Octa-core Max 2.02GHZ Ram 3.00 GB I would like to know if I can...
  2. G

    Update redmi 4 after 3 years

    My brother bought a redmi 4 prime in Dec 2016. He's still on 6.12.29 What is the easiest option to update this device? Stay on or switch to official Rom? If we keep which new version is the right one and can we update straight from this very old one or do we have...
  3. K

    Redmi 4 (prada) Stable Battery Drain.

    Howdy! So it has come to my attention that the battery is just quickly discharging for some reason. As you can see, I have installed stable, but the same thing was when I had weekly on the board. I believe there is some kind of bug that keeps some wakelock still...
  4. D

    New Redmi 4 Cannot Enter Into Twrp, Keep Booting

    Hi, after flash latest twrp ( for Redmi 4 (prada) i cant enter into because it keeps bootlooping. i hadnt problem like that with twrp found on but i couldnt flash rom, downloaded from here and china dev from official miui. I have China dev rom 7.5.4 flashed by miflash
  5. Rudyr

    Redmi 4 Standard - Random Reboots

    Hi, I bought Xiaomi Redmi 4 standard from ******* and am experiencing random reboots of the device. I wasn't able to find out, why and exactly when it is happening. From the outside it does not seem like it would be overheating (it has normal temperature when I touch it). I wonder if anyone...
  6. T

    Redmi 4 Overheating

    After a week of usage I discovered my phone constantly rebooting and hot. I managed to get to recovery mode and powered off. But after 30 minutes phone was still hot, then I opened up the back cover and disconnected battery. After phone was fully cooled down I reconnected the battery, but phone...
  7. G


    Hi i installed this on my Redmi 4 and if i use the first sim i can not make calls only data usage , i can make calls only in the second one, but there is one problem i can not use anymore my sdcard . can any one make some changes in this ROM or should i install the...
  8. P

    Redmi 4 Can Not Access Internal Storage

    Hello! Recently I bought Redmi 4. I managed to unlock bootloader, install the TWRP and then install the EU MIUI version 6.12.22. The strange thing was that there were quite some bugs as follows: - in camera app, when I made a picture, this picture wasn't saved. In the app it said something...
  9. M

    Camera Redmi 4 / 4 Pro / 4 Prime

    Hi friends, I was wishing to improve the photo results of our main camera (13 MP rear camera). I have now 6.12.15, but the camera quality was almost the same with ******* custom rom. I have the feeling that details (like borders and lines of objects) are shelled and not well-defined...
  10. P

    [tutorial] How To Enable Lte Bands On Sd625 Soc. (root) (markw)

    Hello guys, today i'm going to post a little tutorial on how to enable the default bands the SD625 supports. (That doesn't mean the bands will work as some of them also depend on the modem and on the antenna of the device). This might me useful for some of you folks living in Mexico, USA, or...
  11. kanem0chi

    Xiaomi Redmi 4 Prime Review & Unboxing - The Best Budget Model Ever?

    Hi Guys, This is my full review of the Xiaomi Redmi 4, and I like this phone a lot. I thought it might be nice to share my review with you guys, what my thoughts are regarding the RedMi 4 PRIME. I purchased my device at *******.com, as they managed to have stock already, for a reasonable price...
  12. N

    Twrp Redmi 4a By Minh Crazy ( By Me :d )

    First you have to use for the development rom followed unlocked bootloader and run the tool :) too simple :) Link : /y6sHJi FlW me : fb/ngvanthanhminh
  13. Matija_Bambir

    Redmi 4 Pro! Global Rom - ******* - Eu Rom. 5 Peaces

    Hi. I Bought five redmi 4 pro from *******. one bought 2 weeks ago and 4 few days ago I bought 2 black 2 gold and 1 white Difference Black models have different LCD compare to gold and white Black - r63350_1080p_video_Tianma White/Gold - nt35596_video_EBBG Strange is that this last 4...
  14. C

    Twrp For Redmi 4

    Hello. Are there any news on the twrp for the Redmi 4 (not Pro/Prime). I tried flashing the [cofface]RedMi 4 Pro Twrp recovery,update20161121 version but the recovery doesn't start (on Chinese dev rom). Thanks
  15. Bassie

    Chinese Developer Rom Released - Please Consider A Release Of The Xiaomi Rom

    @ingbrzy et al. As the Redmi 4 China Developer ROM is released. (Version: 6.11.10 (MIUI8)). And the stable version which is already out for a while. Please consider a release of the weekly and stable ROM for the Redmi 4 and Redmi 4 Prime phone. and...