redmi 4 prime

  1. Banjer71

    Adroid update is possible or not?

    Hi I have a Redmi 4 prime or maybe redmi 4 (in setting it only shows redmi 4 as model number, and I never really understand what the exact model i got) Rom MIUI Global stable (MBEMIXM) Adroid version 6.0.1 MMB29M CPU Octa-core Max 2.02GHZ Ram 3.00 GB I would like to know if I can...
  2. T

    Which Rom for Redmi 4 Prime?

    Hi guys, Since miui Global 10.2 my device is lagging horrible, (put wrong characters when writing or don't react for 2 seconds). I first thought that the display is broken and changed it but its not better now. I have successfully unlocked the bootloader and now I search for a Rom for flashing...
  3. Modest Mind

    [guide] [all-in-one] Redmi 4 Prime (markw): Unlock Bootloader, Flash Twrp, Flash Rom

    Dear Redmi 4 Prime/Pro user, below a link to a detailed guide I put together recently: [All-In-One] Redmi 4 Prime (markw): Unlock Bootloader, Flash TWRP, Flash ROM. I hope I could help you with...
  4. B

    Strange Redmi 4 Prime Battery Drain

    So hi guys, this is BlueSwordM. I'm a first time poster on Xiaomi.Eu, but I'm not a first time flasher and user. So here's the question: do you experience more battery drain than expected on any Xiaomi.Eu ROM starting with Because going through 3 versions(, 7.2.24, 7.3.2)...
  5. Prequal

    Losing Headphones Recognition - 4 Prime

    Anyone else have the issue where you plug in your headphones, listen to something, plug them out for a while and when you plug them back in it doesn't recognise that there is anything plugged in at all? Until you reboot. Have had this on pretty much all the ROMs I've used so it might be my...
  6. decomorreno

    Redmi 4 Prime | Twrp Recovery Doesn't Save Settings

    As far as I know this recovery should save its settings. Unfortunately in my case every time I start it, its language is chinease and none of my customizations are saved. What would probably be the issue?
  7. decomorreno

    New Xiaomi Redmi 4 Prime | Weekly 7.2.9 | Google Play Store, Sd Card And Screenshots

    #1 Google Play Store has stopped working when trying to open it up, when trying to install an application like Snapchat or YouTube or it just crashes by itself. It is able to update applications that it is can't install, though. #2 SD card is recognised by preinstalled explorer and I'm able to...
  8. decomorreno

    Redmi 4 Prime - Sd Card Probably Not Recognized

    Every time I try to download something using Chrome or the original Internet browsing application - Browser, it gives me an error like it couldn't find any SD Card mounted, whereas I've got one inside of my device. Using latest ROM for this device. What is possibly the matter?
  9. decomorreno

    Redmi 4 Prime - Google Play Store Constantly Crashing

    So I've just installed the latest verion of MIUI from on my device and it runs great and etc., but I've got some issues with Google Play Store app. Namely, it constatnly crashes when I try to install any kind of application. Sometimes it crashes at the very start when I tap to open it...
  10. Z

    New Audio Issue In Redmi 4 Prime: Noise

    Hi, I have a Redmi 4 Prime with weekly ROM from, MIUI 8, version 7.1.19 (updated a couple of weeks ago). When listening to music via Spotify, youtube, or when listening to vocal messages from WhatsApp, I sometimes hear a very clear noise, like something is scratching inside the phone...
  11. F

    Redmi 4 Prime Bricked

    Heya guys, Received my Redmi 4 Prime today but I think I already messed it up beyond repair. It had a dodgy reseller ROM on it, so obviously I had to revert back to the original ROM, unlock the bootloader and flash the weekly. Except in my excitement I used MiFlash and a fastboot ROM...
  12. A

    New Redmi 4 Prime - 6.12.29 - No Login After Reboot If Encrypted

    If device is encrypted and you reboot the device you have to enter your password for unlocking. A second layer screen apears and requests username and password. However, you could not overcome this screen. Workaround found on other MIUI sites: a) remove sim card(s) b) remove PIN from SIM...
  13. E

    New Dropbox/google Drive Doesn't Work On Weekly 6.12.29

    Hello, I have a Xiaomi redmi 4 prime and when I want to download Dropbox, the Playstore crashes. This happens only with Dropbox. Loose dropbox.apk does install, but when I want to open Dropbox, it crashes. I installed Google Drive instead ( I want to auto wifi my photo's to my computer)...
  14. N

    How To Enable On Screen Navigation Keys

    I am trying to enable on screen keys by modifying the build.prop and changing the value of the key below to 0 qemu.hw.mainkeys=0 but this doesnt seem to have any effect. anyone have an idea on why this is not working. I am running the latest 8.1 stable rom for the redmi prime 4 I would like to...
  15. R

    Screen Mirroring

    My xiaomi redmi 4 prime can't connect to my smart TV. But my old redmi 1s connects.
  16. S

    New Redmi 4 Prime Incorrect Alarm Time Displaying On The Widgets/apps

    I'm experiencing this bug "en .miui .com/thread-430400-1-1 .html" with Redmi 4 Prime on "xiaomi .eu_multi_HM4Pro_6.12.29_v8-6.0 .zip"
  17. M

    Garmin Connect And Redmi 4 Prime

    hi folks, i am new to the xiaomi world, got a redmi 4 prime and flashed the china stable rom so far so good. now i installed garmin connect but i can not connect my garmin watch with the phone. does any of you know a solution to this problem? greets
  18. K

    [dev Q] Modifying Fastboot Official Rom

    Is it possible to modify and remove bloatware from fastboot official rom using tools (system.img) or it is signed by xiaomi ? As my goal to remove bloatware, apply my fav system font and ios10 emoji without having to unlock bootloader.
  19. M

    Camera Redmi 4 / 4 Pro / 4 Prime

    Hi friends, I was wishing to improve the photo results of our main camera (13 MP rear camera). I have now 6.12.15, but the camera quality was almost the same with ******* custom rom. I have the feeling that details (like borders and lines of objects) are shelled and not well-defined...
  20. L

    4 Pro - Problem With Audio From Speaker/capsule

    Hello everybody! I'm facing a problem that is bothering me so much. It appens with notification sounds.If i play music or video or even under call it's fine( or atlast I didn't notice it) I have the latest Rom( from, based on china dev 6.12.15), all default setting, I did a factory...