redmi 6 pro

  1. X

    New Data contact has been deleted when turn on and off super power saving

    My phone is redmi 6 pro. Use version Miui 12.0.1 Stable. when I turn it on and then turn off super power save mode I check my contacts and don't have any numbers left. My contact save in google account. Pls fix bug
  2. R

    rom change

    how to change from xiaomi eu rom to china stable? my device is redmi 6 pro thx for the answer
  3. S

    New No Internet (mobile Data) after update

    Hey all, after updating my Redmi Note 6 Pro to the latest rom also including Android 9, I can not usw my mobile Internet any more (WiFi does work well). I have tried several different settings, but I can not solve this issue on my side. I think, there is a bug with the dual sim, but ist is my...
  4. xadiz10

    Should I update Rom Eu (Sakura) for OTA?

    I just got the OTA update of the ROM that I installed a week ago and I do not know whether to install it by this means or perform the TWRP process.
  5. PikolinYT

    Mi Xiaomi redmi 6 pro se queda en la pantalla de recovery 3.0

  6. fmkhan100

    Stable Miui 10 Eu Rom Uploaded for 6 Pro

    MANY THANKS to Admin @ingbrzy for uploading the Eu Stable rom for Redmi 6 Pro.. So those who have installed it, kindly share your feedback here.. also share any bugs if found...
  7. pargon

    Redmi 6 Pro

    Hi all, I'm a newcommer to Xiaomi, not tho to chinese smartphones, I've had several lenovos, asus and one Vernee (horrible). And I just bought a redmi 6 pro in which I expect to be a pretty good investment. The thing is that although I found the ROM I can't seem to find TWRP for the device, is...