redmi 9t


    New [Bug report] App animations not fluid, Camera shutter lag, Updater keeps crashing and more!

    Hello, Everyone! I found some bugs on the ROM on my Redmi 9T! I flashed because I want to try out MiUI 12.5 Enhanced since in Stock ROM, I don't seem to have the update. But, I noticed that when I open apps, there's no animation but when closing it, Its animation is like...
  2. R

    New Volume panel problems

    I have problems with the volume panel, I turn the volume up or down and the panel appears completely transparent, and for a few seconds it freezes and the phone locks
  3. CrossArisa

    Is it worth upgrading (MIUI 12 - android 10) to (MIUI 12.5 android 11)?

    I have the doubt if I go from A10 to A11, the performance is better, and the battery consumption is better optimized? Or is it that it occupies more memory and resources because it is an update?
  4. CrossArisa

    ¿Is it possible to downgrade?

    Is it possible to downgrade on Redmi 9T? Greetings I hope you are well, I have the following doubt, grateful for your time to read and answer! My redmi 9T (Codename: Lime) natively has android 10 MIUI 12 It is possible to downgrade android 10 to android 9, my reason is that I believe that...