redmi note 10

  1. A

    Is there any developer version MIUI for Redmi Note 10(M2101K7AG)

    I bought a Redmi Note 10 for my research, but I meet some problems. 1. I can not unlock it now, the software let me try after 336 hours, which means 14 days. Is that because I just bought this phone? And is there any chance I can unlock it earlier? 2.I haven't found a developer version MIUI...
  2. jemadmitlilien

    Redmi Note 10 Which ROM?

    Hello Everyone, i need some help. I heard that the Rom are better than the regular Xiaomi Global release. So i registered me on this website to get the best out of my phone. Can someone say me which versoin i should download? For my Redmi Note 10 i was able to find more than 6...
  3. F

    New Outdated notifications, notification sound and gesture navigation

    Normally when many notifications arrive or there are notifications that I have not opened from the same application, they fail and the image or name is displayed, or message from the previous notification, will this be solved? Are there more people who have the same thing? Also sometimes the...
  4. O

    New Every Mi9 SE and Redmi Note 10 build is laggy and choppy

    Hello, i was thinking the phone was overheating and deacreasing its performance, but thats not the case. Stock Miui is working much much better and animations are butter smooth. if someone have Mi9 SE or RN10 for testing, i am gonna be happy with feedback.
  5. damnsaif

    Magisk Problem

    Hello there. Can anyone share which Magisk version to install for I've tried Stable 21.0. But, it failed. Thank you in advance for your patience.
  6. P

    Missing Feature Redmi Note 10 HDR10

    Hello, I've come to share my disappointment with you guys and hopefully get a response from Xiaomi. I've had a Xiaomi mi A1 for a long time which had features that would be active by the hardware but not certified and enabled to "cut expenses". I though Xiaomi was past this, but it seems that...
  7. D

    Invalid Mobile network (LTE logo) not showing up on top of signal bars

    When I activate mobile network, no logo shows on top of the signal bars. The mobile network is configured correctly and I tried to reset settings. Also tried manual configuration. Still the logo does not show up and I can not use mobile network. I am using Redmi Note 10, global rom. I have...