redmi note 8 pro

  1. M

    Invalid Can't use camera. (Redmi note 8 pro)

    For some reason , i can't use my camera's anymore on other apps although I gave them permission. It happened ever since i got the update two days ago and honestly I'm not sure what to do. The only app that the camera is working on is the Default camera app. Please, I need some help.
  2. alexroumi

    No sound assistant

    So I leave in Greece and I have not yet received the sound assistant part of the MIUI 12 on my redmi note 8 pro my current version is 12.0.4
  3. K

    New Redmi note 8 pro lock screen notification not normal after update to miui 12

    Hello everyone. I recently got a new redmi note 8 pro and was working perfectly. 3 days after the first use I updated from MIUI 11 to MIUI 12. I set up the phone again since many of my settings were gone. Everything looks good except from the lock screen notifications. Everything looks like...
  4. D

    New phone (Miui 112.0.1 QGGEUXM ) not charging in car medianav evolution v2

    Hello all, i have a renault. Last year with miui 11 somewhere in december my phone charged just fine wehn it was connected to the car. Android auto worked fine as well. Now with Miui 12 it stopped chargin. THe charging indicator on my phone goes of and on every second. Tried all the tricks...