redmi note 8

  1. ra1nrwi

    Invalid Redmi Note 8 - screen recorder problem: it lags when I record a video on websites

    I have a Redmi Note 8, and the screen recorder doesn't properly work when I screen record videos on browsers/websites. The moment I hit the record button, the video that I was trying to record starts to have laggy audio, and so does the video. I thought that eventually it'd get fixed, but I...
  2. abaycan

    Redmi Note 8 MIUI 12.5 Bluetooth Keeps Stop

    Hello, I'm using "MIUI EU 12.5.4 global Android 11" ROM on my "Xiaomi" brand "Redmi Note 8" device, I installed Ryzen kernel thinking that maybe the device will charge better in long use. Installation completed successfully. But I started to get the error that the bluetooth constantly stops, I...
  3. D

    Control Media Miui 12.5.4

    Hello, how are you? I was stopping by this forum to ask how to get the media center that appears below the icons in the control center. I leave reference image. Thanks
  4. J

    New Update not working

    Hi there, so, long ago I've received a MIUI 12,5 update but I can't download. The progression gets stuck at 7% and 8% (getting back to 7%). Then the update app stops working and resets the download. I just can't download the update. Any fix? Also my mi fit app have a bug, when I install my mi...
  5. D

    Actualizacion Ginkgo

    Hola. Instaló la ROM MIUI 12.5.3 en mi Redmi Note 8 (4GB / 64GB) Quisiera saber cada cuánto se actualiza esta ROM de Xiaomi.EU para mi Dispositivo. Gracias por sus respuestas ☺️.
  6. J


    The new battery modes: powerful, balanced and performance don't working the menu is back to the classic version, the status bar button to performance mode don't work also of memory extension maybe don't work. In copy and restore the restore options don't work with system app as launcher...
  7. J


    The usb transfer don´t working via pc with big archives the connection is failling, then miui notifies the wrong with data transfer
  8. Lewing

    [Redmi Note 8] Unlock the bootloader while bricked

    I was using my phone normally yesterday (Saturday) 12/06, I left it charging and when I looked at it again, it was restarting non-stop. It's a Redmi Note 8, I held the power button, but it wouldn't turn on, it just went back to the bootloader screen, I didn't try to format it as I'm trying to...
  9. S

    Invalid Notification center is bug with...

    Hi everyone, after I installed version 21.5.12 the notification center started to crash, when I used the "Tidal" app and delete the process from the notifications menu, an empty box keeps popping up ... (Srry for me bad English, I don't know how to speak it very well yet) My phone is a Redmi...
  10. ifacedown

    Invalid Redmi Note 8 MIUI (Android 11) Bug: Textra/Messaging Apps Could not Detect SIM Cards

    Greetings! For more than five years, Textra has been my favorite texting app in Android. However, it cannot detect my two sim cards individually and thus cannot send a text message, but can receive texts. I'll show screenshots.In the first screenshot you can see that Textra doesn't...
  11. ifacedown

    New Redmi Note 8 MIUI (Android 11) Bug: WiFi Problems

    Latest Stable Build for Redmi Note 8 Android 11: Wifi Problems. I never faced these issues on the last stable build 12.0.3 Android 10. Phone gets connected to WiFi but it says no internet connection, but it could connect. Some apps have trouble logging in. But my laptop can browse easily.
  12. ifacedown

    New Redmi Note 8 MIUI (Android 11) Bug: Easter Cats Freezes Control Center

    I used to catch CATS on Android 11 - AOSP ROMs. I tried catching two cats on the latest Stable Build of Redmi Note 8. However, I do not know how to feed and give water to the cats (in AOSP by holding the Power Button). And, as I pulled down the Quick Settings (Control Center enabled), it freezed...
  13. S

    Invalid Redmi note 8

    Hey there guys, I downloaded and flashed the 12.0.3 version for Redmi note 8 and I have a problem ,when I want to set a secured lock screen fingerprint doesn't work to set it, I have tried other roms but it worked in them all ,if u can fix this bug.
  14. A

    New Magisk

    After 21.1.20 update i can't install magisk by twrp Every time i try to flash it it stops at this screen after rebooting Any one have this proplem
  15. S

    Data folder encrypted in TWRP

    Hi, i have the next problem: After installing TWRP, it starts but doesn't even ask me for a password, so I am not able to acces de data folder, every other opens, it even show me how many free space I have, but can´t acces the internal storage. Also I'm not able to wipe cache, davlik, data, etc...
  16. kookies

    photos problem

    i formatted my sd card without backing up files first and now I can't take new photos or save any new photos, what do i do? my phone is a redmi note 8. my mi cloud backed up most of my photos and i have google photos save most photos too so previous images aren't that much of a worry for me...
  17. L

    New RN8 screen lock

    Good morning, because the problem has been happening to me since previous versions and I wanted to find a solution. When I play COD mobile especially and I just make a WhatsApp call at the same time, what happens is that when I want to lower the notification bar or raise or lower the volume, it...
  18. K

    the sensors stop completely working on my redmi note 8

    so basically when i turn on my phone it works fine, but after like 15 minutes it just completely stops working and i have to reboot my redmi note 8 to get them workong again, meaning i can't play racing games, rotate my phone for anything, including compass, either i have to reboot or wait 30...
  19. A

    Error flashing magisk manager. Miui 12 beta

    Hello, yesterday I installed the latest version of the miui 12 beta. When I wanted to root the device with twrp Flashing the magisk manager zip reboots to recovery. Could someone help me?
  20. J

    MIUIv12.0 STABLE for redmi note 8 - where can i download ?

    i see redmi note 8 in a device list stable roms, but i dont find the MIUIv12.0 STABLE to download for this device... Any one can help me please ???