1. P

    Mi 11 Ultra Fingerprint not Working after Display Repair

    Hello there! I've seen a similar post but it didn't help me with my problem. I broke my Mi11 Ultra the first week I got it, so I bought a replacement screen from ********** (since Xiaomi Support Germany didn't want to sell me one for my Chinese Mi 11...). It was a screen unit with frame and...
  2. DerFranke

    Warranty repair

    I'm thinking about getting a Xiaomi phone and flashing the rom on it. I already flashed two devices with custom roms (Cyanogen Mod and LineageOS), so I'm not completely new to this. But these devices were out of warranty when I did this and now, I have a question about that. I have...
  3. MC_Kejml

    Sony WI-XB400 headphones not working with Xiaomi Redmi Note 3

    Hi, my Bluetooth headphones Sony WI-XB400 doesn't work properly with Xiaomi Redmi Note 3. Whenever I play some output (youtube video, Spotify music), after some time from 5 to 120 seconds the headphones stop playing the output. On the phone, the music / video continues to play, but with no...
  4. B

    Help Me Fix My Xiaomi Piston 3 Headphone Jack

    I have a XIaomi Piston 3 that I'm trying to replace its audio jack. This headphone has mic and remote control. I bought a new TRRS male plug with 4 connectors, but the headphone has 5 wires (red, green, white, copper, copper). I've searched a bit and I'm assuming the following: Tip of plug...
  5. G

    How To Repair Xiaomi?

    Hello, my mobile , xiaomi mi4, it's turning down and freezing on mi screen(when you turn on the mobile ) . I think it is the lock button is broke because if you touch it a little, it blocks your mobile and after this the mobile turn off . Are there any programs to disable buttons or change...
  6. M

    Repair Of Mi2a

    Hello all, Last year, my little sister bought a MI2A in China. It's the 2014512 version. Anyways, after 4 weeks of use, the touchscreen started to malfunction. A horizontal area as huge as 1 cm, covering from left to right does not react to finger pressure anymore. The area is located about 30%...
  7. C

    Oem Replacement Screen Uk

    I recently cracked the front glass panel on my phone and it has caused most of the touchscreen to stop working. I would like to replace the LCD and Touchscreen assembly, but can't find any UK suppliers (I'm based in the UK) who offer the parts, and most of the Hong Kong/Shenzen ones appear to be...
  8. I

    Mi 4 Faulty Motherboard

    So, My Mi4 FDD LTE 3gb is going for repair this week, and i was wondering if anyone has ever had a faulty motherboard that needed replacement? Mine caused bootloops until the phone died.