1. M

    New Bug: Turn Off Notification Sounds But Hear Ringer

    Hi! I consider it a bug to not being able to turn off the notification sounds but leave the ringer (phone call) turned on. This is a usual setup for several other phones. I really need this while at work. I need to hear when someone calls but the notifications gets annoying in the office...
  2. M

    Silent Notifications But Volume For Ringer

    Hi! Does anyone know a way to make the notifications silent (messenger, whatsapp etc.) but allowing the ringer to sound? I really need this for the workplace. I don't wanna hear all the notifications when at work but I want to hear when someone calls. I've tried some tasker settings without...
  3. LaurentiuCTN

    Ringer Interrupt Sometimes

    After installing any version of XIAOMI.EU rom with Android 7.0, i'm expecting a problem: when somebody calls me, the ringer sound is interrupting 1 time after approximately 2-3 seconds after the ringer starts. This problem appears random... not every time when phone rings. Has anybody face the...