1. F

    Invalid Ringtone/Notifications "Error"

    Hello folks, I know this might sound generic and that it was answered before, but this is not the usual "I'm not getting notifications" thread. Hear me out. The notifications work but they have no sound, when I go to 'settings > sound&vibration' and try to select a ringtone and/or notification...
  2. G

    Resolved Problem selecting ringtone.

    Problem selecting ringtone. Sometimes it shows the ring tones 2 times in the list. Sometimes it doesn't select the next ringtone when I select the ringtone. Look at sended image. Two "Bip" ringtone.
  3. W

    New No Ringtone

    Since update tot 9.5 miui EU Stable there is no ringtone with incoming calls. Mi mix 2. What to do?
  4. Alexdiamond33

    Miui Global Version Sound Changed ?

    Hi does anyone knows how you can get back Mi ringtone ? Because in the new global version its sounds horrible, and when you lock the phone the sound is bad too..?
  5. R

    Error Adding New Ringtones

    Hello I'm trying to add new ringtones to the system. In settings I go to the ringtone selection screen and tap on the "+" floating button at the bottom right side of the screen. Then I get an error "Themes application stopped" and a screen to send a bug report. No possibility of select personal...
  6. Gorz1

    New Problem With Automatically Increasing Volume Of Ringtone Mi5

    When I don't answer an incoming call the ringtone volume increase gradual to maximum. Next call ringtone volume increase to maximum or near the maximum from the first tone. That change also ringtone volume settings in /sounds/volume/ringtone which stays in increased position. The same thing...