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  1. A

    How to go back to standard global ROM?

    I have more and more problems with the Custom ROM. I installed the Miui 14.01 Android 13 Rom on my Redmi Note 10 Pro. Now I want to go back to the factory ROM from Xiaomi it self. Can somebody send a link to a Tutorial to go back to Stable ROM
  2. W

    Please help - ROM Install failed and now stuck in orange-FASTBOOT

    I Followed the instructions from here: Unlocked bootloader. Followed this section :Installing with TWRP: (ROM Type: Recovery) Installed TWRP as written in the this link: (using mAid linux...
  3. W

    How to install rom for xiaomi mi11 for the first time?

    Hi, I'm a technical guy but never changed rom nore installed TWRP and there are different instructions on how to install the TWRP and how to change the rom. My biggest fear is to brick my phone. Otherwise I wouldn't mind the trial and error process... I have a new Xiaomi Mi11, MIUI Global...
  4. C

    [URGENT] Please help me : Problem after Fastboot update Xiaomi 12x

    Hello !! I have a BIG problem. My Xiaomi 12x was on weekly update, until today. I wanted to update it by fastboot because the new update led to Miui 14 and therefore Android 13. I downloaded the Rom on my pc, unzipped it and put my phone in Fastboot mode. In the file there was a .bat...
  5. S

    Native aplications

    Hi I want to delete native apliccations. Where i buy my phone ( Xiami Redmi 9T), they told me to do this process: And after, i have to download the Is that correct? Thank you
  6. P

    Mi11Lite5G loops into fastboot after EU.rom install

    Hi community, Firstly, avid fan of your work, I am running Xiaomis since 2015 and always rely on you guys to give me a kickass custom rom. This brings me to my current issue, I got a new Mi11Lite5G and ran into some issues I hadn't previously encountered. Let me give a quick step by...
  7. Q

    Miui 12.5 Indian rom

    So I'm have redmi note 10 pro indian variant and i want to know is it worth it flashing to eu rom, what are the bug fixes is it better battery life and do the notifications work well,one more thing do i have to wipe all the data once i flash to eu rom. What's the latest eu rom I've seen some...
  8. E

    Please Help !!!!!!!!

    Hello can someone help me i want to come back to global rom but when i try to install rom by miflash i gettin this error My Phone Poco f3 PLEASE HELP I WANT COME BACK TO GLOBAL ROM
  9. H

    Flashing Global rom to Mi11 lite 5G China ver

    Is it safe to flash global rom on Xiaomi Mi 11 lite 5G Chinese version? I wanna ues the one rather than global version because of its supported network bands.
  10. M

    Mi 11 from ENG/CHN to EEA ROM Play Store not certified anymore.

    A few days ago I decided that I don't want to get Chinese notifications and want german on my phone so I flashed it to the newest version here. But now I cant use apps like the official McDonald's app because my phone is not certified on the Google Play Store. Please help!!!! If I can't solve...
  11. somactoth

    RN8 MIUI12.5 ROM for RN8T

    Hey everybody! Is the Android 11 MIUI 12.5 ROM for ginkgo Note 8t good to install for the Note 8T? There's almost no difference between the two phones. If not, is a 12.5 MIUI ROM for the 8T? Thanks!
  12. K

    OLIVE vs OLIVE_EEA, warranty after unlocking the bootloader and ROMs?

    Hello! I recently bought a Redmi 8, it came with a Global ROM that I updated to MIUI which shows up as the latest version. I'm in EU, and the code name shows up as OLIVE_EEA in the Hidden Settings app. What are the differences between the OLIVE and OLIVE_EEA variants? Is this device...
  13. E

    Mi8 SE - need help with rom

    Hi I have a Mi8 SE currently stuck with MIUI 10 with the version 9.8.1 (BETA) by Android 9 and it's unlocked My questions are: 1- Is it worth changing it to the MIUI 11 or should I wait for the MIUI 12? Will I receive the MIUI 12 via OTA when it comes out? (if i have the MIUI 11)...
  14. J

    What's the different between Mi 8 Pro and Mi 8 SE

    Hi Everyone!!!! I bought the Mi8 SE (I think it's that) and then when trying to change the ROM, I think I installed the Mi 8 Pro TWRP. And I would like to know what is the difference between both devices. thanks for answering
  15. R

    rom change

    how to change from xiaomi eu rom to china stable? my device is redmi 6 pro thx for the answer
  16. M

    right ORDER installing EU ROM on Mi8 UD OR pro. Originally on CHINA ROM

    I have unlocked my Mi8 UD around 5 days ago. Could not find the right ROM, hence loaded my the Mi8, all data gone, no problem. Works fine. I check the Developer options says Mi Unlock status is Unlocked. 1.Does that mean according to this guide: Method 2: Fastboot Update from...
  17. L

    Xiaomi mi 8 from china

    Hey all , i guess that there are many similar questions (that i couldnt find tho) about that issue My wife bought last September a Xiaomi mi 8 in Beijing, She bought it in a official xiaomi shop and asked for international version . After leaving the city she found out that she cant install...
  18. F

    Problema de reinicio mi máx 3

    Hola, tengo problemas con mi mi máx 3. Después de usarlo unos minutos la pantalla se congela y luego de unos segundos se reinicia. Esto me pasa seguido desde rom global miui 9.6,, y ROM global beta 8.12.13 ... Espero que sepan de alguna solución o si la ROM lo...
  19. Ewanuna

    New MI 8 SE doesn't update/ROM change

    Hi, my wife have a MI 8 SE and the phone doesn't want to update... I want to change to the Official ROM but it doesn't work... I tried to Wipe All Data and do a Factory Reset but it doesn't work... Help Please