1. Ewanuna

    New MI 8 SE doesn't update/ROM change

    Hi, my wife have a MI 8 SE and the phone doesn't want to update... I want to change to the Official ROM but it doesn't work... I tried to Wipe All Data and do a Factory Reset but it doesn't work... Help Please
  2. claudio0222

    New in Family xiaomi, upgrade?

    soy nuevo en xiaomi, compre un xiaomi mi 8 se con miui10 y quiero actualizar a la nuevo la de android pie? como lo actialuzo? tengo que volver a instalar la rom desde la pc o en la app que dice actualizador? I am new to xiaomi, buy a xiaomi my 8 is with miui10 and I want to update to the new...
  3. J

    Can I flash latest ROM as an update without losing data?

    When I use the MIUI updater app on my phone it tells me I'm already up to date even though I have version MIUI 8.8.24 for Mi 8 and the latest version should be 8.9.24 for Mi 8. If I download the latest ROM and flash it using TWRP will I lose my data (like my photos, installed apps, settings...
  4. A

    I receive my Mi8 Today have dilemma

    I want to know what do you suggest me, I bought my Xiaomi Mi8 from a website in China and the device ofc with china rom and close bootloader, I heard about the new policy of Xiaomi about that the devices will not be able to burn China version in global rom. I'm a little bit afraid to get...
  5. +DS_DV+

    First ROM released for MIPAD 4

    Hi fellow MiPad owners, today is the day with the first release of an official ROM. Ver 8.9.6 sadly its not a stable but i belive with the next stable release we are also getting one. Since we are now on snapdragon the support will...
  6. J

    Can I use Mi 8 SE ROM on Mi 8?

    In the latest weekly Beta link there is no ROM for the Mi 8, there is only a ROM for Mi 8 SE as you can see here: In the previous weekly Beta ROM link there were two Mi 8 ROMs (one was Mi 8 and the other was Mi 8 SE) as you can see here...
  7. J

    Global ROM vs Global Version

    Looking to buy Mi8, which one should i select? I live in Europe and i need B20 for 4G to work, besides that what are the differences between these 2 ? Couldn't find a straight answer on google
  8. J

    [Mi 8 SE] Problem Unlocking Bootloader on the Chinese ROM

    Hi, My Xiaomi Mi 8 SE Chinese ROM arrived today, I'm french and I do not read mandarin at all. After comparing with videos showing the english version, I managed to: Connect to my Mi account Get into developper mode Switch on OEM unlock bootloader Switch on USB debugging Click on Mi Unlock...
  9. D

    Cant update from 8.7.12 to 8.7.19

    Hi all, I have Xiaomi mi8, unlocked bootloader and i installed EU rom (8.7.12). today, i try to update the rom, i go to About -> and start to download 8.7.19 rom, when it done, i press on install and nothing happened, it just shut down my phone. when i try the process it again, it reboot...
  10. S

    GPS is not accurate

    Hello. Many reviews and videos show the GPS is not as accurate as supposed. Instead of getting the alleged 30cm accuracy it has an accuracy worse than 15m. I understand this value sometimes can be better sometimes worse, but some tests show that the accuracy is even lower than in most other...
  11. N

    Bootloop everytime i flash rom

    Hello everyone I have an xiaomi mi 6 ceramic and is running miui 10 8.7.5 global beta, twrp and supersu. I purchased global edition. Every time i try flash whit any rom from i got bootloop. I want so bad run this roms but cant install. All my steps are Twrp Install Restart. And...
  12. A

    MIUI 9 China Stable ROM V9.6.2.0.NXKCNFD for Mi 4c Released

    MIUI 9 China Stable ROM V9.6.2.0.NXKCNFD for Mi 4c Released
  13. sergioT

    Ransomware in RN2 ROM?

    Hello everyone! Today I was alerted by the windows defender antivirus. I have the last rom downloaded ( And it tells me that it contains viruses, Ransom:AndroidOS/LockScreen!.rfn Category: Ransomware. Path \...
  14. devang98

    Is There A Video Showcasing The .eu Rom On Mix 2s

    It would be great to see any video on the rom installed on Mix 2S, is there any video as I was not able to find one
  15. W

    Redmi 4x Miui 9.5.4

    Hello please I just joined the team yesterday and I'm currently running miui EU 9.5.2 global .When are we getting miui EU 9.5.4
  16. Miyaku

    [rom] Aosp/mk Android N/o For Mi2s

    Hi, long time the "aries" don't have custom rom based android 7 or 8, now, it comming from some dev and official build by mokee, i already try this rom, and this is most stable rom. Based AOSP Mokee...
  17. S Rom Weekly Vs Stable

    Can I change the ROM from Weekly to Stable without data lost? Which is better? In Weekly the battery drain quickly. In stable version i will have the "split screen" option and all options from Weekly? Thanks. Sorry for my English, I'm from Republic of Moldova :(
  18. B

    Best Rom For Battery

    Hi! I'm looking for a stable ROM that would provide my MI6 a good battery performance. Which one would you recommend? Thanks
  19. fang d

    Is It Possible To Customize Phone

    is it possible to customize phone app on MIUI(eg replace phone number with asterisk when call another number), or use a custom app to replace phone app ? thanks !
  20. M Smoothness

    I'm afraid of installing on my phone cause it seems to be that it has a lot of bugs, even the stable versions, but it's just like the global, with some bugs, like I said. I wanted a better version of MIUI and the EU rom came up as a solution, but... Is more smooth than the...