1. Lopolin

    [RESOLVED] should I be concerned by the output message "script succeeded: result was [256]"?

    It's my first time Installing a custom ROM, I chose the Stable ROM. I have a POCO X3 Pro (vayu) and installed TWRP 3.6.2 to then Flash MIUI14.0.3.0. I was switching from MIUI Global 12.0.5 (or was it I have encountered a few issues along the way and probably did a...
  2. A

    How to go back to standard global ROM?

    I have more and more problems with the Custom ROM. I installed the Miui 14.01 Android 13 Rom on my Redmi Note 10 Pro. Now I want to go back to the factory ROM from Xiaomi it self. Can somebody send a link to a Tutorial to go back to Stable ROM
  3. C

    How to solve error in SP Flash Tool?

    My operating system: Artix Linux My image fastboot: XIAOMI REDMI NOTE 9 (MERLIN) MIUI V13.0.2.0 ANDROID 12.0 (merlin_global_images_V13.0.2.0.SJOMIXM_20221013.0000.00_12.0_global) Phone: Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Go to folder bypass. And run command: sudo python Output: [2023-06-17...
  4. 3

    Can't download anything

    I downloaded MIUI 14 Android 13 via fastboot. It started and was working fine until I try to download something in Play Store. It says "App cannot install, please try again later". Then I downloaded Magisk. When I try to download it, it says "Not enough space". What should I do, please...
  5. Enyrox

    Switching from MIUI EEA to without wiping my phone

    Hello, I bought a Mi 11 and it came with the Chinese version of MIUI. I put the EEA version of MIUI on my phone not long after with the MiFlash app and it wiped my phone. Now I've been using it for a few months and I'd like to use the rom. Is it possible to install the rom...
  6. C

    [URGENT] Please help me : Problem after Fastboot update Xiaomi 12x

    Hello !! I have a BIG problem. My Xiaomi 12x was on weekly update, until today. I wanted to update it by fastboot because the new update led to Miui 14 and therefore Android 13. I downloaded the Rom on my pc, unzipped it and put my phone in Fastboot mode. In the file there was a .bat...
  7. M

    Android 13 recovery support

    Hello guys, can I ask which recovery for POCO M3 does support android 13. sorry for my bad english.
  8. L

    Updating stable 12.0.3 to 12.5 without loosing ANY data.

    As the title says, I'm currently on version 12.0.3 and no longer receiving OTA udoates. I finally wanna upgrade to the newest version my phone supports, which should be 12.5 (right?). Is there any way to do this without any data loss or extra setup required? Basically I...
  9. L

    Can't install MIUI V13.0.13.0 on my MI11 Ultra

    Hello, I have an issue regarding the latest firmware update for my MI11 Ultra. Since it is not a fastboot ROM, I just simply don't know how to install it. If TWRP is needed, I don't know how to install it either and I don't know where to find it. I need your help, thanks in advance for it.
  10. K

    Invalid Xiaomi 12s ultra revolut not opening 13.0.8

    After flashing ROM with stable 13.0.8 ROM i tried multiple times to open revolut and it gets stuck on picture identification. I tried multiple bank applications and they work just fine I tried clearing cache redownloading and restarting and nothing seems to work does anyone have a solution on this
  11. L

    The current SafetyNet situation and custom ROMs

    Questions about the current SafetyNet situation: 1. Does a bootloader unlock really trip SafetyNet by itself? 2. Do the ROMs trip SafetyNet or do they not? 3. Does flashing a custom 3a. boot 3b. system 3c. recovery trip SafetyNet? 4. Does booting a custom system image...
  12. H

    Bootloop and locked bootloader Xiaomi redmi note 10 pro, I have tried a lot of things

    Hi, I'm starting to say that I'm kinda new to these "things" so: I have received this xiaomi red mi note 10 pro with the miui (or whatever that logo is) infinitely stucked and never boot the system; Now I have googled things for 2 long days and I have done a couple of things, but the result is...
  13. F

    Updating miui on redmi note 5

    Hi, I am using the Redmi Note 5 for quite a while but unfortunately, I recently broke the screen. I didn't want to bother choosing a new model so I bought a new redmi note 5. The problem is it came with miui 10. My current doesn't have a problem updating miui, but the new doesn't detect one I've...
  14. S

    fastboot changed after updating to miui 13 stable

    Ever since updating from android 11 stable global ROM to android 12 EU stable rom for Mi 11, my fastboot looks like this. My phone works perfectly. My PC doesnt recognize the device, now I cannot update my phone to the latest weekly updates or change the rom to whatever. I only know how to...
  15. M

    ROM installing issue

    Greetings everyone... I've been trying for hours to install the mi12.5 version for my MI9 lite phone when I verified my phone purchase before downloading the ROM, it said it was global but when I gave up, I checked my installed version and it was EEU V12.0.10.0.QFCEUXM (MIUI12). also, my phone...
  16. G

    MIUI 13

    Hi, I'd like to know if there Will be fastboot updates to MIUI 13 from 12.6 weekly rom without wiping all data. Thanks in Advance
  17. S

    Fastboot vs TWRP? -Newbie question

    Hello, I just ordered a Xiaomi Mix 4 Chinese Version and obviously I'm going to flash ROM first thing when I get it, however there's one thing I can't wrap my head around when looking at tutorials etc. (btw, never done this before) 1. It seems I need(?) to install TWRP, do I need to...
  18. Otoc28

    Group notifications

    Is this a bug? Or the rom doesn't have group notifications enabled? I am on miui 12.5.5 in poco x3 pro, when I first started the rom I had the option of group notifications, I activated them, then when I left and re-entered configuration I no longer saw the option to activate them, until now I...
  19. M

    Strange things in settings

    If in settings search I type com I see next results. My rom corrupted or it's just a bug? 12.5.13
  20. FFFFourwood

    Will the Mi Pad 5 Pro ROM be released in the future?

    As we knew, Xiaomi has been published the new tablet: mi pad 5 series, and will the Mi Pad 5 Pro's pure EU version ROM be released in the future?