1. FFFFourwood

    Will the Mi Pad 5 Pro ROM be released in the future?

    As we knew, Xiaomi has been published the new tablet: mi pad 5 series, and will the Mi Pad 5 Pro's pure EU version ROM be released in the future?
  2. S

    Mi 11 Lite Bricked with no access to fastboot

    Hello everyone, I bought myself Mi 11 Lite when I was in China, obviously, it had Chinese ROM. When I attempted to install/flash global ROM on my device, something went wrong ( I assume my cable just got disconnected in the middle of flashing) my fastboot screen got replaced with a black screen...
  3. L

    Blocked in fastboot, bricked ? Mi 11.

    Hello, i try to find someone to help me with my phone. I buy it accidentally with China/Eng ROM and i want to install Global ROM (i'm French). I watch some tutorials and read some posts in the net but i can't resolve my problem. I try to flash but the phone come back in Fastboot mode after...
  4. D

    [Poco F2 Pro] A few questions about flashing

    Hello, So i got a lot of bugs on stock miui Poco F2 pro and read that would be a good replacement. The last days i have read a lot about flashing roms on xiaomi phones and i still got a few questions about it, so i hope you guys can help me out. Currently im running Stock Miui...
  5. E

    Problem with Redmi 7

    Hi! how are they? I need your help for a problem I had clear the stock rom of my redmi 7. Now I need your help What should I do to install, there is a lot of topic that I don't understand, I already have twrp installed, but where do I download the correct rom for my redmi 7? After...
  6. V

    Flashing guide required for Mi 10T pro 5G

    Dear Senior Members / Moderators many people are a noob like me, i got many times boot loop while flashing our miui.EU ROMs and automatically reboot into recovery pls give a guide. thanks in advance.
  7. M

    How to Update Mi EU

    I installed Mi Eu From Fastboot mode Because TWRP can't Wipe And Install My Custom Rom. (MY PHONE FREEZE ON FASTBOOT) Now, I am On MiUi 12.0.2 and I am using Currently Version (check from Updater app ) but when I check on, I see 12.0.8 for My phone, How to Update to Lastest version...
  8. somactoth

    RN8 MIUI12.5 ROM for RN8T

    Hey everybody! Is the Android 11 MIUI 12.5 ROM for ginkgo Note 8t good to install for the Note 8T? There's almost no difference between the two phones. If not, is a 12.5 MIUI ROM for the 8T? Thanks!
  9. D

    Flashing mi 10 Pro

    Hi everyone, New to the xiaomi community, i bought a mi 10 pro (without checking the dual sim thing for europe version...). Since my purchase I found that I could run dual sim if I flash my phone to EU ROM. I am trying to install this ROM :
  10. M

    AnTuTu Benchmark

    Hello. I have been trying to install AnTuTu Benchmark on my Mi11 with the beta ROM, but I haven't been able to. At the end, I get an error and a text saying "Install it using GetApps". As far as I know (I've tried), it's not possible to install GetApps. So, is there any way to have...
  11. M

    Install Xiaomi EU ROM without Google Play Services

    Is it possible to install the Xiaomi EU ROM without installing Play Services? In the description of the rom I see: Google apps support integrated SafetyNet passed (Google Pay) Play Store Certified But don't mention if this is preinstalled or not and if is possible not to install them. Thank you.
  12. jaskier

    How can I contribute to rom translations?

    Hello everyone; I live in Turkey. And I wonder how I can contribute to Xiaomi.EU's Turkish ROM translations. More precisely, can I contribute? :) I would be grateful for you to share with me any informational text or guide about contributing to translations. Thanks in advance. I wish healthy...
  13. onyxlee

    CC9 Pro (Note 10) can't reboot to system after flashing ROM

    Hi guys, I need some help! My CC9 Pro was purchased in Mainland China. I installed: recovery-TWRP-3.3.2B-0219-XIAOMI_CC9PRO-CN-wzsx150.img provided here: Then, after wiping with default settings, I loaded these 3 ROMs one by one...
  14. R

    WIFI not working (MI 8)

    Hello everyone, I recently bought a Mi 8 from a friend, knowing that his xiaomi had a strange Wifi problem. No matter what I try, it just don't turn on (and if I try more than 3 times, the phone crashes). Probably this issue is from the hardware part, but I need to try more first. This Mi 8 is...
  15. E

    Failed to Install ZIP (Note 9 Pro 5G Gauguin)

    I tried installing a custom multilang rom for my Redmi Notes 9 Pro 5G
  16. D

    ROM Mi CC9/9 Lite

    Could someone tell me if I install the estable ROM, will I still receive updates via OTA?
  17. C

    Last updated and stable rom for Redmi note 4G Please

    Can someone give me the last updated and stable rom for Redmi note 4G please?
  18. H

    Urgent Help needed, Rom MIUI12 K20 Pro Black Screen

    Hello everyone, I'm super stressed because I tried to install MIUI 12 beta on my Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro(K20Pro), I downloaded the latest version from Then I downloaded adb and TWRP. So I managed to get TWRP on my smartphone: I was able to search in my smartphone for the update file and I...
  19. F

    System bootloop TWRP

    Whenever I try to install the WEEKLY ROM my device starts in TWRP mode, I already did everything I could, Uninstall magisk, Format the data, EVERYTHING and my device keeps starting in TWRP mode with the WEEKLY rom, on the other hand the STABLE rom works normal , what could it be? Redmi Note 8...
  20. F


    fui trocar rom CH - GLOBAL e ocorreu esse erro depois disso meu aparelho esta em um loop fastbootpreciso de ajuda, ja tentei de tudo