1. M

    Is there a full mod list for the ROM that is provided by and spyware paranoid.

    Dear all, I am in the process of buying a xiaomi phone, currently I found a mi 10t pro but may change it for a mi 10 pro. (any advise for which one to choose is welcome!) However I am really being made paranoid by all the 'chinese' phones having spyware. I searched around and found answers...
  2. G

    Avoiding Ads

    Hi, How to avoid that annoying ads even on Mi apps? Which is a good way for it?
  3. NoThankYou

    Is My Miui Version Official?

    Hi, I recently bought an international version of the Redmi 3 Pro Prime. It's supposed to be completely official, with official firmware and English packaging and all. So far everything is working perfectly, but I am curious to know if the MIUI version is really legit or if it might be fake...