1. mofumofu

    Resolved No screenshot folder in Gallery app

    I had this issue since 12.5. Just upgraded to MIUI 13. The issue still persists. In MIUI's built-in gallery app, at some point, "screenshot" folder disappeared. And was replaced by "Screenshots and Screen recording". In this folder there is only Screen recordings. No screenshots at all...
  2. B

    New [miui 9.5] [redmi 3s] Bug With The Large Screenshots

    I cannot take a large screenshots, this result in this... Please fix this Bug, thanks.
  3. decomorreno

    New Xiaomi Redmi 4 Prime | Weekly 7.2.9 | Google Play Store, Sd Card And Screenshots

    #1 Google Play Store has stopped working when trying to open it up, when trying to install an application like Snapchat or YouTube or it just crashes by itself. It is able to update applications that it is can't install, though. #2 SD card is recognised by preinstalled explorer and I'm able to...