storage bug

  1. pacmankillers

    Unable to install apps and games from Google Play

    Hello everyone I have written this post because I have not found an answer or solution to my problem. I have a Mi 10t Pro with Android 12 (Xiaomi EU - MIUI 13) and a very serious problem, I have tried to download apps and games from the Google Play Store but I always get an error "A problem...
  2. T

    New Fixed by wiping data-Storage pie displays app data as others

  3. C

    Formatted SD card as internal storage; original internal storage became inaccessible

    SD card suddenly corrupted and have to format it. I mindlessly chose the option to format as internal storage. Now, it asks me to move files from internal storage to sd card. I chose yes because I was curious as this is the first time I encountered this. Now, I suspect the process somehow failed...
  4. C

    Whatsapp no permanent access to internal storage?

    Good Morning, I have the Xiaomi.Eu Rom 12.5.3 currently on my Mi11 Ultra. I copied my old backup from Whatsapp to the Whatsapp folder and restored everything correctly when I set it up. Now the curious: The recovered media are displayed in the gallery, then the displayed files of 2132 photos...
  5. D

    Storage "Not found"

    Hello developers, what's wrong with the the last 2 updates (12.1.2 and 12.1.3) for pocophone F2 Pro? Mine, our phones have several problems that I would like you to solve. I'll tell you a few: When I open the file manager the app crashes and now when i open it, it says "disconnected". I...
  6. J

    New Missing Storage Bug [8.12.20]

    i recently installed the latest release 8.12.20 when i check my file manager there was no file and showing Storage for dual apps only. is there any fix for this ? Pocophone F1