1. M

    Signature Spoofing enabled

    Is it possible to have Signature Spoofing enabled on the ROM? I tryed NanoDroid with Magisk but installing this module the system will not boot giving error about starting services.jar and I have to remove the module from TWRP to make it work again. I want to install MicroG, probably...
  2. C

    Disappearing on/off toggle - home app

    Hi, I have two 3C air purifiers connected to the App and Amazon Alexa. All has been working perfectly for the last 3 months. As of today (18 Jan), the on/off toggle has disappeared from the Mi app and they no longer work with Alexa. Tried resetting WiFi, unplugging devices. Both reconnected...
  3. W

    Toggles screen doesn't open, only notification

    When i try to pull down the toggles curtain, I see No notification message but the Toggles curtain isn't there. I did sucedded in opening it earlier but now it's gone. Only notification curtain Any ideas?