1. masc147

    mi 10 pro (cmi) touchscreen doesnt work in bottem quarter

    Last week I was hiking in hard rain, got really wet. After arriving at the target my phone started to mailfunction, first the display. I shut it down, waited a night. On the next day the display worked fine, but in the bottem quarter (at the height of the fingersensor) the touchscreen has...
  2. M

    Touch issue when playing games

    Hi there people, So it's happening from the last few days. I play Fifa Mobile a lot. So from a couple of days, I am having a problem with the touchscreen I guess. My players don't shoot properly, sometimes it's unresponsive, they lost control and shoot nowhere. But other games work fine though...
  3. S

    New Please help me! My Mi 8 touch does not work.

    Please help me! My Mi8 touch does not work. I have a MI 8 for a few months, I had installed the weekly rom After a restart i try to enter TWRP then the touch does not working. I go out of TWRP and start android ( rom) but touch does not work. I made many attempts including...
  4. P

    The Display Reacts To The Touch Just A Few Seconds.

    Hello, when I press the power button on my Redmi 4A, the display on and I can unlock it. But the touch-screen response only a few seconds. Then I must switched off and on again. The phone has not been damaged by water. Any suggestion? THX
  5. K

    Redmi Note 4 - Touch Screen Not Working In Twrp

    Hello, I've recently bought Redmi Note 4, and it has china ROM installed - which lacks Google Play and such. I've tried to install global ROM, and I'm stuck on TWRP - phone doesn't detect any input - I can only use lock screen button. Is there any way to fix it? As far I know there's no other...
  6. D

    New Multitouch Behavior

    I've encountered a bug that whenever I press the screen at the same time I release a long press, the long press won't release it, instead keeps pressed until I release the second or press at anywhere else on the screen (which will make the press drag to this new point). Here's a sample video...
  7. D

    Multitouch Problem

    EDIT: Hey guys if you want to keep the thread going here is the link for the bug report that I posted xiaomi. eu/community/threads/multitouch-behavior.33965/ and also the thread on official miui forums here en. miui. com/thread-346662-1-6.html I've encountered a bug that whenever I press the...
  8. I

    Mi4c Twrp Touchscreen Not Working

    I flashed the TWRP recovery in to my Mi4C but the touchscreen doesnt work inside the recovery menu, only worked once wich abled me to install the EU ROM but then I went again in recovery to wipe all data and I wasn't able as the touchscreen wouldn't work... Anyone has any idea?