1. somoytv

    How can I/We help to add Bengali language Translation?

    Is there any way so we can help developer to add bengali language translation?
  2. jaskier

    How can I contribute to rom translations?

    Hello everyone; I live in Turkey. And I wonder how I can contribute to Xiaomi.EU's Turkish ROM translations. More precisely, can I contribute? :) I would be grateful for you to share with me any informational text or guide about contributing to translations. Thanks in advance. I wish healthy...
  3. dogiex

    [For Translators] What tools are you using to make your translating work easier?

    Hi, I've been translating roms to Finnish language a while now (since MIUI 8) but I'm this close to stop working on it for the following reasons: Copy pasting added/deleted/changed strings one by one manually from original compare repository is too manual work and time consuming. If...
  4. A


    Hello, EU community. I am Bahram Bakhtiyar from Azerbaijan. I'd be glad I was able to help you to translate EU ROM into Azerbaijani. How can I do this translation stuff? Whom do I have to contact with?
  5. S

    Requestig crowding translation support

    Hi, I'd like to contribute by translating this ROM. But I'm not familiar with the git procedure. Is it possible to add crowding translation support? If so I would love to translate this ROM in Bangla language.
  6. X

    Error De Traducción

    Hola, tengo esta ROM: xiaomi.eu_multi_HM3SHM3X_6.7.28_v8-6.0 Y al registrar un finger print al iniciar con la ROM recién instalada dice: "censor" en vez de "sensor" Cuando registras una huella después ya funcionando normal sí que dice "sensor" pero en elprimer registro de huella en la...
  7. L


    Hi, I'm a new fan of Xiaomi, I bought a redmi note 3, and it have some setences in english, how I can help translate and fix the errors?