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    Mi flash tool implies that my account is authorized?

    Hello. Recently I unlocked my bootloader and I've been thinking about installing TWRP and flashing ROM's on my device (tucana). I also decided to plan in advance in case the worst happens and I somehow brick my device, so I explored for a bit Mi flash tool. When I authenticated my account, it...
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    Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite | Encrypted Internal Storage

    My problem is the following: I have recently had the Mi Note 10 Lite. It comes with MIUI 11.0.8 and when I was looking for an update it came out that 11.0.11 was available, so far so good. Then what I did was unlock the Bootloader, I had to wait 7 days to unlock it, to install TWRP and install...
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    Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Hard Bricked

    Hi I'm using Mi Note 10 phone & last week I moved to MIUI 12 closed Beta ROM & after releasing Xiaomi EU ROM I tried to flash it through TWRP as usual method. But unfortunately after flashing ROM phone stuck on the TWRP & there were no way to get through from that. Even Laptop didn't recognized...