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    Can someone tell me like I'm five how to do a CORRECT clean installation/flash?

    Hi. This last days I've been trying in my Mi 9t Pro, and I'm struggling a bit with the perfomance of this rom. Everything works fine, no bugs, but my problem it's the perfomance, I find it slow in general, not very responsive and sometimes laggy/ with stuttering in concrete...
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    New Mi 11 Ultra 12.5.7 EU Twitter External Link Bug

    So I just recently purchased Mi 11 Ultra. Fast forward.. I have the latest stable version 12.5.17. In Twitter normal or dual on both the apps when you try to click on a link the app crashes and restarts. Not able to click on any links whatsoever. Is there something which I have done caused...
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    New Thumbnails from deleted pictures showing on twitter

    Hi. It keeps happening and it's really annoying. Blank thumbnails from pictures that I just deleted keep showing on twitter. I deleted the gallery cache and twitter cache. Please, give me a solution. Thank you. Ps: when I was attaching the pic, blank thumbnails appear next to the screenshot.
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    Resolved (pocof1) twitter app keeps crashing when trying to launch it

    The twitter app won't open. As soon as I try to launch it, it crashes. This happens everytime I try to launch it.