1. C

    Invalid Umi mi 10 5g

    ⚠️ please someone HELP me .. Insta mese others camera apps work just fine But I CANT make stock camera app work ( Video , night ,pro etc wotk fine only if i push "picture" to take photo do that ) after 2 updateds still not working and i love the stock camera app
  2. MAMAC

    TWRP for Android 12 (MI 10, and other models )

    Hello i will try to explane in few lines how to get working twrp on latest dev version on android 12. ONLY TESTED ON MI 10 UMI !!!! Before u upgrade (of u can reupgrade again if u did already) go to fastboot and install this TWRP - MI 10 or twrp from camerado folder that seems even better...