update doesn't work

  1. M

    Update Xiaomi 11 Ultra

    Hello I got an update for my Xiaomi Mi 11 ultra but it always says servers are offline. How i can fix this ?
  2. VeryGooDiS

    Help me deal with phone updates

    Good day community. Sorry if my text contains errors due to the automatic translator. I bought a phone Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra (12/256) with your MIUI "MIUI 12.6 by xiaomi.eu 21.9.1 Beta" (initially there was a Chinese version as far as I understand), Android 11. Code name "Star". And I faced the...
  3. S

    Ota-Update not working on MIUI 11.2 20.1.21

    So i have a Xiaomi Redmi mi9t/K20, currently with MIUI 11.2 20.1.21 Beta. The ota Update tells me i have the newest Version, which i doubt. Which Version can I easily Update to and how? Because in the Ota-Update screen if i wanna select a package it says no app can do that Action. Any help...
  4. C

    Not up to date Poco launcher, and i can't update it

    Hello guys! So today i installed 12.0.8 on my Poco X3 device, and the poco launcher version is, not the latest. It's laggy, so i wanted to update it, but the play store says it's up to date. I tried to install from chrome, but i dont have the permission, to download system apps from...
  5. GLDYY

    How do I update using TWRP?

    The title explains itself, Do I have to format any partition? and do I preserve my root after updating? EDIT: I'm trying to do it using TWRP because the updater gives an MD5 Checksum error
  6. H

    New Encrypted Internal Storage Mi Note 10 Lite

    Anyone know how to decrypt the internal storage. It does not let me update and if I install TWRP it does not pass MIUI when it starts.
  7. Ortodox Hornet

    My Mi Router 3 Could not update.

    Hello friends, i'm having a great problem with my Mi router. That router is on 2.10.38 version and have a update to 2.10.46. When i try to do the update appear that could not can update. I tried to update manually but Xiaomi's site denied my access. Please, can anyone help me?
  8. T

    New Can't update my Xiaomi mi pad 4 plus...

    Any help? Maybe I bought this pad with wrong rom? How can I fix it or install a really good rom? Thank you
  9. K

    How to update to miui to

    Hello, I have rooted my phone and I am using EU ROM 10.3.3 on my MI8. I have saw that new update is available, but I cannot download it OTA. Is there anything I can do to make it working? I wouldn't like to flash it manually, because I would like to preserver my settings and data.
  10. W

    Update problem

    Hello everyone! I have some problem with update. When the phone restart to enter into twrp for installing the update, that doesn't do nothing, and the error Is caused by Memory encryption. On the last 2 months for updating my phone i had to wipe my phone by twrp and then the update can be...
  11. Kucheryavsky

    Invalid Update troubles

    Error appeared after update.
  12. S

    New Problem to update in Xiaomi mi 5x

    I am using miui 10 v 8.8.16. My device find new update but it does not work in my mi 5x New version is xiaomi.eu_multi_MI5X_9.1.10_8b44fe7275_v10-8.1.zip.md5 this new version doesn't work pls help me.